Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday This and That

Remember when I had my carpet cleaned? I did some re-arranging in the studio. I kept meaning to take a photo when it was all neat and tidy, but you know that just isn't the case most of the time. Honey Bear made a comment once that if the room is neat then I must not be creating. I finally just photographed the arrangement anyway and I am going to share photos today.

I've posted before about this room. It
is the dining room in this house which we
don't use very often as such. With the new arrangement, there
is room in the center for my extended table if I
wanted to dine in there. The 
room is a gazebo shape with a large bow/windows on front.
one straight wall, one with the kitchen door and
one with a door to the foyer.
I place these bookshelves on the one with the
foyer door. See it on the right.
this time, I labeled all the containers with whatever is
inside and don't have to hunt through bunches
of them to find things.

This is the left window of the bow. I like having
my sewing machine here so I can see
out front. The little black fan is for
those power surges we ladies have at times.
Plus,in the summer this room gets quite warm.
This is probably self explanatory. the cabinet
holds lots of large pieces of fabric, stabilizer,
and a few Christmas gifts. The
left basket holds current projects, the right
holds cutters, washable ink pens and other tools
with the rulers there standing up. I didn't photo the
right window of the bow, but I keep my light box there
and you can see my mini ironing board standing at the end.

I placed these two long tables on the one flat wall with
no windows are doors.
they hold scrapbooking and other miscellaneous supplies
and there is room to work in the space in front of the bins.
I use the one on the left the most, as a desk sometimes
and a work space at others.
Those plastic bins hold fabrics, music cds and other craft

this is the short wall between the foyer door and the
door to the kitchen. Her is my printer,
an old sewing machine cabinet, the stereo and
another fan which I use in those summer months.
Some of the pictures I removed from the walls
while redecorating, stand beside the cabinet.
There you have it, folks, Operation Central.
I'd love to see your space.


  1. Your space looks like mine in many ways. I like the color or your walls and the bay window which my work room lacks plus your room appears much larger than mine. You've done a nice job of organizing.

  2. I love your craft room/studio. Our craft room is small but works perfectly for what we do.

    Of course Prudence saw your space and immediately wants to come live with you. Want her? No, I would never give her up for adoption, but I don't tell her that.


  3. What a nice, big room -- and you've got it so well organized! I like that you have a window right there in front of your sewing machine -- you can sew and enjoy the view at the same time! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. One thing that stands out for me most is the RED WALLS!!! How dramatic and so great looking!

  5. Don't ya just love having a room like this..... my shop is my favorite place to be.... I fear that I have neglected it this past year but I am once again fired up! Love your space........ I will take pictures of mine one of these days.. It is my plan to paint it this winter after the holidays....... It needs a face lift......


  6. I enjoyed seeing your space! Love the sewing machine at the window.

  7. It looks so nice and organized and ready for whatever inspires you.... Nice big room and I love the windows!
    Have a great day!

  8. I loved seeing your space. Mine is in Ed's pool room. More often than not, I have his pool table covered with "projects" or other stuff. Under the table is a collection of plastic for the grands and more "projects". I'm hopeless.

  9. I love this! My house is toooo small, but it's nice to see yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Blessings!

  10. So nice your atelie!!!! Thanks for you visit!!! º0*

  11. Your creative space is nice! I especially love the bold red walls....

  12. You've got a great set-up! Looks very organized!