Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Good morning,
Its a lovely start to the Lord's day here with sunshine and crisp temperatures of 51 degrees. The Maple tree is so beautiful when that sun hits the red leaves. 
Last evening, we watch our beloved tigers struggle to a win over Florida and ate a big salad made with lettuce, spinach, bell pepper, and tomatoes from the garden. We added some chicken to it and it was a wonderful meal.
While watching football, I did a little stitching project for a swap, sewed the hanging sleeve on the TTS wall hanging and began hand quilting around the stitcheries on it, and sewed the label on the TTS quilt. I love having something to work on with my hands if ever I'm sitting still.
I was recently a part of a Season Swap over at Gone Stitchin' We were to send a Spring themed gift to our partner. I sent this to Heather (no blog).

I know Valentine's Day isn't in the Spring in some areas.
It is usually beginning to warm up about that time here,
although we can still have some nasty weather after that date.
I did the little stitchery heart using a free pattern designed by
Its a mug rug.
Yesterday, I received my package from Heather.
She sent me some beautiful Spring (handmade) pillowcases and added a pencil and thimble from her Canadian Province. Smokey was fascinated by the wrappings.
I think he would have crawled inside and rolled around if the package had been large enough.
..........I began blogging in November so every year I have a little give away. I think this year I will be asking questions again that can be answered by reading my posts. I haven't decided what to give away but it will be a little package of goodies. So stay tuned...
Mama Bear


  1. Looks like a great swap.... I like the way you used the heart stitchery in the mug rug.... and glad Smokey also had fun with the swap!!

  2. lovely swap sent and received.

  3. Isn't it funny how cats love bags? I don't think I've ever known a cat that doesn't.

    Cute swap stuff!

  4. The swap sounded like fun,and I loved both gifts that were involved.

    What is it about cats and paper bags? I love watching their curiosity at work :)

    Have a great week!