Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Good Afternoon,
This is the beginning of Honey Bear's last week to work at his current job. He had to drive to Nashville and fly to Houston this morning so I went to church alone. The reason he flew out of Nashville and not Huntsville is because he'll return there on the flight with the auditor and spend a couple of days in Clarksville before they drive to Memphis together. It will be a long week but the end is in sight. 
Its been a while since I've been home alone on Sunday. I've always found it to be a bit lonely.
Well, I'm off to find some lunch.
Have a blessed day,
Mama Bear


  1. Beautiful building. Is that your church? I use to go to church alone and I knew God was sitting next to me.

  2. My husband has rarely had to travel on weekends, but it did seem lonelier if he was away weekends vs. week days, especially Sunday.

    Do you have any apprehensions about your husband being home during the day? I think when my husband retires (still several years away for us) it will take some getting used to -- I've been used to setting my own schedule during the day time. But I think if he is physically able, my husband will have some kind of project or side business in retirement. He hates having nothing to do. He has joked about buying and RV and us living in it and traveling. :-) I wouldn't mind an occasional trip but wouldn't want to live in one!

  3. Lovely picture.... I also had Sunday alone this week.... travelling Hubz too!! It is suddenly quiet but good to go and hide and stitch..

  4. My hubbie is on shift today, so my daughter came and picked me up and brought me to church ... but my afternoon has been quiet. We can have dinner, alone, together! Glad the end is in site for all this business travel. :)

  5. That Church is beautiful. I hope you found something to keep you from getting too lonely!!!

  6. Love the pic....hope your day was a peaceful day....without you being too lonely!