Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's on your Nightstand?

I'm linking to 5 Minutes for Books
for this monthly blog carnival...

Wednesday Sisters was one of my Book Club's
selections for October. It is the story of
a group of young married women
who meet at a park where they've taken their children. It begins in
the late 60s and follows not only their lives
but the changing times in our nation and women's
 struggle to become more than the 'weaker sex'. 
I really enjoyed this book. I was a young mother in the late
sixties and could relate to what they were experiencing
in so many ways. It is a story of the special connections
women have with one another and the bonds that
form between them.

These are the last two books in the Cedar Cove
series...I loved being a part of this town
and following its characters through the
ups and downs of daily life. The only
downside for me is that in each book, the
author has to tell us the entire story of her 
characters. For a reader who is reading the
series from the beginning, this is tedious. For someone who 
just picked up the current book to read, a little background
might me necessary but could be much more brief.
I saw this book on someone's blog and since it was free
on Kindle, I downloaded it. I pick it up from time to time when I am between reads. The American Woman's Home was
written by the Beecher sisters and became a textbook for
teaching young women how to run a household.
From the cover: The American Woman's Home, originally published in 1869, was one of the late nineteenth century's most important handbooks of domestic advice.
It interests me for its historical content and I find it a 
fascinating read.
Ancient Rage was our second book club selection for October
because both of the books are quite thin. I didn't read this
one before our meeting but after the discussion,
decided I wanted to read more.
Elizabeth and her cousin, Mary meet in their
golden years and talk candidly about their 
sons, the lives they led, their deaths and
the way they, as Mothers, feel about it
all. It is loaded with scripture reference
and flashbacks which give us a glimpse
of how the incidents in the Bible
might have been experienced by these
Mothers. It is, of course, fiction
and should be read as such.

This is next on my list (our Book Club's November selection)
From—Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice says Second Nature is a love story like no other. Sicily Coyne survives an unimaginable tragedy, skillfully imagined by Jacquelyn Mitchard, and must then face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and struggle against impossible odds in her quest to find what we all want—true connection, fulfillment, and lasting love.”
* note: I've read this book since I wrote this post. I thoroughly enjoyed it....I was a little disappointed with the ending, however...


  1. Wednesday Sisters sounds interesting. I'd like to get The American Woman's Home -- maybe I'll put it on my Christmas list. :-)

    I tried one Macomber book this month but had to toss it -- there was quite explicit sexual content -- between a married couple, but still, I felt like a voyeur. I was quite disappointed because I'd heard good things about the author.

  2. Nightstand???? This Ozark Farm Chick only has room for a shelf on either side of the bed. Hubs has a clock/radio...I have a pretty little flower arrangement. Heehehehe!

    I just had to jump over 'cause of your title and am so glad I did. I'm always on the hunt for some good 'snowed in by the fireplace' books this time of year. Yep, I'm makin' my list and checkin' it twice. :o)

    From the happy hills and hollers of the beautiful Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!

  3. I went and downloaded the free book from Kindle since you mentioned it! I've never read any of the Macomber books. I know they are very popular, but I couldn't even begin to tell you what they are about or even like. I'll definitely read them in order if I start, but I usually do being a little OCD. :)

  4. I have heard of Debbie Macomber but never read her books ... you have read a lot this month!

  5. Great list!

    Totally agree with your comments both on Wednesday Sisters and the Macomber books. I've never really gotten into Mitchard for some reason, but the Ancient Rage book sounds intriguing.

  6. Sounds like a great list! Happy November reading!