Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Its a little chilly this morning, 38 °F when we got up..
(3 °C) but should reach 72 today...
We had a wonderful mini vacation...I'll be showing
you photos of it for the next couple of weeks...
We stayed in Athens, Tennessee which
is located at the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains..
On Thursday, we toured Mayfield Dairy,
visited the McMinn County Living History Museum, 
and Striker's Winery.

Honey Bear, showing the school children how its done....

We discovered the Appalachian Quilt Trail...
read more about it here....
the result was like a scavenger hunt as we
searched for, found and photographed many
of the quilt patterns...
Schoolhouse...was at the 
museum in Athens.....
I will share more later....


  1. Glad you had a restful mini vacation.. Dennis and I need one but not sure when we will do that.. Too much to do here.... We are thinking about going out of town over Christmas instead of doing some big dinner...... Not much family anymore... so the 5 of us think we will take a 3-4 day trip somewhere...... only problem is Moses... Need to find someone responsible for taking care of him. :( no idea who that will be...... but I am looking......

    Have a beautiful Sunday...... it is wonderful here... Nice and wet!

  2. My Schnauzer sleeps on a big poofie (is that a word) pillow and underneath the cover is a heating pad on low. He sleeps on that all winter...... Then Moses the love bird has his own electric blanket that I drape over the cage at night and set it according to how cold it is going to be that night..... Talk about your SPOILED animals! hahahah

  3. Oh what a fun trip this was! I've always wanted to do the Appalachian Quilt trail. Did you find lots? Were they gorgeous?!? I bet it was a blast -- can't wait to hear/see more!! :)

  4. Sounds like fun! That's only about 70 minutes away from us. I looked up the Quilt Trail -- that sounds so neat.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time!