Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal.....
Outside my window...it was overcast when I first got up but I see the sun now....we're supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon....its 57 °F, (14 °C) and supposed to reach the upper 80s....being as a frost is predicted later in the week, I  have to get some plants washed today and brought inside....there's not much bird activity at the moment....I saw a Squirrel playing along the back fence.
I am thinking...about all I need to do today
I am thankful...for Honey Bear, I don't think its sunk in yet that he doesn't have to drive to Memphis this week......that I can read and understand a little about my computer.........for a restful night's sleep.....for a quiet morning.......for friends.....for answers to prayers....for peace that surpasses human understanding which is mine for the asking....for being able to take my concerns and worries to the feet of Jesus and leave them there....

Praying for...Jennifer & Brad, Shorty Bear, Faye's cousin waiting on a lung transplant, Jill's Father recovering from kidney surgery, Kayren, Anni's son, Denise, my children and grandchildren....others
From the learning rooms...becoming familiar with itunes and how to utilize the features on my iphone so its an ipod.....learning to sync it to my computer....learning about needle turn applique, hoping to get things together for a couple of blocks today to take with me on our mini vacation....
In the kitchen...its clean and tidy....I've been doing mostly one dish meals the last few days....we have lots of rip tomatoes still and Honey Bear is bringing the green ones inside before the frost......we enjoyed a nice large salad using lettuce, spinach, pepper and tomatoes from the garden, just added a few items from the fridge.......could be breakfast for dinner tonight since the Princess will be here or perhaps quesadillas...
I am wearing... my usual morning attire
I am creating... finished Tis The Season

and a large stack of dish cloths for Christmas presents..
finished a stitchery for the candle mat and need to prep a couple of the My Favorite Things blocks.
I am going...to have the Princess over today...its Fall break
I am wondering...about ways to cut corners so we can live on our new budget which I haven't even worked on yet....I have to do that by November 1st.

I am reading...Second Nature by Jacquelyn Mitchard
I am hoping...the weather is nice for our mini vacation
I am looking forward to...the upcoming vacation and the state conference next week...
I am hearing...what sounds like traffic in the distance
Around the house...some tidying to do....and vacuuming....a few pieces to iron...laundry to put away....those few outside chores to do....
One year ago today......the weather was much the same as today but it had been dry....I was reading Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow...finishing up some projects and beginning some new ones...I was working on the genealogy scrapbooks (I need to get back to that and do the ones for Honey Bear's side of the family)....I was looking forward to a family vacation in the mountains and the state conference....had upcoming dental work on my mind...
I am pondering...
"You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." —C.S. LEWIS
One of my favorite things...boiled peanuts
A few plans for the rest of the week:finish chores around the house today and spend time with the Princess...vacation....
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

a quilt painted on the street in Bell Buckle, Tennessee as they prepared for a weekend craft fair.
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  1. Loved your daybook for this week! Have you ever been to Bell Buckle? Todd took me as a surprise for my birthday a couple of years ago -- it was lots of fun. Your quilt finish is just darling and I adore the blue work. You should come to the guild meeting this week and bring it to show off at Show & Tell!! Loved your quote, too -- I feel much the same way!! Hugs to you, dear lady!!! :)

  2. Love your quilt! It is beautiful. I adore that CS Lewis quote, and agree totally. Great daybook. Enjoy your mini vacation : )

  3. Your Tis The Season quilt is really pretty....you did a lot of work on that. I know you are proud of yourself for finishing a great project.

  4. your TTS is beautiful......
    ......oh and what are boiled peanuts? do they get boiled in there shells? I know this sounds dumb but I have not heard of them in Oz..........

  5. Your quilt turned out nicely.

    I never heard of a fall break before this year. Our school doesn't have one but they did have a few days for during a teacher's conference.

    Love that quilt painted on the street!

  6. I love the one-year-ago-today part of the meme! I'd like to meet the people who spent the time painting that quilt. What if it had rained on painting day? Will they be frustrated when it starts to fade under the weather and the pitter-pat of little feet? Or will they just enjoy having made us all smile via your picture?