Saturday, October 15, 2011

Funny Friday

Good morning, everybear!
Wil here again 
with my Funny Friday
post on Saturday...
I really must try to 
do these on the
correct day...
Oh, well
better late than never!
Mama brought a giftie home,
from her friend Annie,
on Thursday night
but since she had such a busy
day yesterday, she said we
couldn't open it until
this you think
we waited?
First we peeked inside... took a while, but
finally, we got it out of the bag...
what could it be?
we were almost afraid to find 
a new friend named Slugger...
we're not too sure about him, yet...
what does he do with that bat?
Stay tuned....


  1. I love it, thanks for sharing. This is Denise from shortybearsplace.

  2. Hi WIl,

    A prezzie, WOW. Slugger looks like a real cool guy. Don't be bear-cerned about that bat, it looks like he is a baseball player - I don't think you have anything to worry about. (o: Honest.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. What fun!! And he's just in time for playoffs and the World Series!! :)

  4. Hi Slugger! You've been adopted into a beary great family! Hi from Jerry and Ben.

  5. Hey Wil,

    Slugger looks like one cool bear if you just give him a chance. I think that's a baseball bat and there should be a ball somewhere in that bag.

    Bellamine & Wendy