Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Mama Bear's Journal....
Outside my window...it's 66 °F, (19 °C) and expected to reach 90 today...the sun is shinning, the trees are beginning to turn...the Hummingbirds are still here storing  up food for their journey but we've not seen the Red Headed Woodpeckers in over a week...guess they've headed to their Winter retreat..I hadn't seen the Chickadees much this summer until yesterday...I'm loving these cooler mornings and evenings.
Hearing...a quiet house
I am thinking...about a walk if I feel like it...I've been having some digestive upset the last few days and plan to stay home from Bible Study this morning
Feeling thankful for...Honey Bear's safe drive this morning..cooler mornings and evenings...the colors of Fall...God's provision
I am remembering...that I still have to make something for the swap I'm in....and wondering if there's an ornament swap going on that I could join...do you know of one?
Creating this...most of my works-in-progress are finished (as You saw last week)I need to finish the swap item, get a few things ready to mail in another swap, and maybe get the "Tis the Season" ready to quilt...also, need to write a piece for the Church magazine
I am currently reading...Wednesday Sisters by Meg Walte Clayton on my Kindle for October Book Club
One year ago today...I was enjoying the beginning of Fall...the morning temperatures were in the 70s..had just taken a walk and we'd gone to the Garden on the weekend to see the Scarecrow Trail...I was reading: Where Shadows Fall by Judith Kelman...and I had decorated the house for Fall
I am hoping..to get some menus planned and work on a budget...do an inventory of the pantry...I got out my Motivated Moms Planner yesterday and I am going to try and follow it...I need to make an appointment for a mammogram and one for some blood work before my 6 month appointment with the doctor.
On my mind...catching up with all of you, I've not spent much time reading your posts in a few days and I miss you...I've not been posting much on my blog either
Noticing that...the sun moves around this time of year and there are shadows playing on the ground
Pondering these words..."Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God"George Washington Carver  Doesn't that make you want to go for a walk?
From the kitchen...ripe tomatoes and Okra that needs cooking for the freezer...not much in the fridge, I sent the leftovers with Honey Bear and I didn't shop for perishables last week....we had Chicken Quesadillas last night and there's one for me in the fridge...
Around the house...its mostly tidy, I vacuumed and swept yesterday...I still haven't decorated much for Fall other than change napkin colors, put a Fall runner on the table and put out the Fall kitchen towels
I am praying for...my sister,she is laid off from her job, Jill's Dad, Faye's cousin, Honey Bear, our children and grandchildren, Cee Kay, Shorty Bear, Val's Husband, 
A few plans for the week...Going to Michaels and Bed Bath and Beyond when the Princess comes home from school then to her house to stay and prepare dinner for her and little David until Daughter returns home...Grocery shopping tomorrow....a possible field trip to a Quilt Show in TN on Thursday...spend time with Daughter on Friday...Honey Bear this weekend( he's only working 3 days a week now)
One of my favorite things...morning coffee
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  1. I love the quote by George Washington Carver! So true! We're having warmer days now going into spring! We had a cold winter, so the warmth is very welcome! Good luck with your inventory!

  2. I too love the quote you've mentioned in this post. I always love reading these..always so uplifting. Hugs

  3. Normally I like to wait til it is officially fall on the calendar before decorating for fall, but for some reason I am really wanting to go ahead. I'll have to send my son up to the attic for my boxes.

  4. Never a dull moment at your house! I have posted again for three days now so far.

  5. The cooler temps last week inspired me to go ahead and do some fall decorating--not everything, but some.

    It makes me a bit sad to think of the birds leaving for winter. I enjoy watching them. I've noticed that our cardinals hang around for the winter though.

    Hope your stomach feels better.

  6. I think a lot of us are posting and visiting less right now...I know I am because my days just seem to be so busy these days. I've also been enjoying spending time with my brother Claude while he's visiting here:-) He'll be going back home on the 19th and I'll really miss him!! The leaves are starting to change colours over here as well and the night time temps have gotten quite cool, even had frost a couple of mornings but the days are staying nice and warm. Except for today, it's only in the 50's. I haven't started decorating for Autumn yet but maybe next week I'll take out my containers and start:-) Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo