Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal...
Outside my window...Its 72 °F, (22 °C) and cloudy..been drizzling off and on all day long
Hearing...the fan and clocks but listening for the sound of my Granddaughter coming home on the bus...its about that time
I am thinking...about what she might want to do when she gets here....also about the photos I need to go with a story I've written which is going to be published in a church magazine...I just took a face shot of myself...turned out pretty good...
Feeling thankful for...time to spend with my grandchildren...a good camera...that Honey Bear can work on my car (needed new brakes, the service center wanted over $300, it only cost $48 DIY...my computer..the friends I've made online and the support I get from them...being healthy and losing weight...its coming off slow but still it is coming off...religious freedom...safe travel for Honey Bear this morning in the rain....
I am remembering...the last 4 days with my Honey...I am so looking forward to having him home every night..
Creating this...a budget....photos for my story...memories with my grandchildren...also working on a swap piece...and starting to put Tis The Season quilt together
I am currently reading...I just finished "Wednesday Sisters" early this morning and haven't started anything new yet, although I have several options....My Book Club didn't have a book chosen for November so we looked at The Language of Flowers and Second Nature....I voted for the first one but the second one was chosen. It looks like it will be good. I will probably read another book before that one. Our December selection is The Christmas Train by David Baldacci which I read a few years ago.
One year ago today...it was 80 degrees...I was working on two cross stitch pieces...reading "Where the River Ends" by Charles Martin...
I am hoping...and praying that my application for health insurance is approved...I have to get single coverage when Honey Bear retires...
On my mind...what to have for dinner...I'm hungry...I don't eat snacks between meals except for fruit and the 5 points I had for lunch seem to be gone already.
Noticing that...It looks chilly outside and the leaves on the maple tree have started turning
Pondering these words..."One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible." Henry Adams
From the kitchen...something good, I hope
Around the house...Granddaughter is sewing.....there's clean linens on the bed....I need to vacuum, start laundry, tidy the study and guest room
I am praying for...My sister who has been laid off from her job and is depressed...My son as time approaches for him to come back to the states (he should be back in Kuwait by 10/1)....our Fall vacation....our budget....God's direction...Shorty Bear...others who have requested prayer
A few plans for the week..I had Bible Study this morning, then ran some errands..I have no plans for the rest of the week except to stay home...I might go to the grocery store for a couple of things.
One of my favorite things...a good night's sleep which I didn't get last night.
From my picture file...
Honey Bear made this one on a walk last week.

I'd like to thank everyone who reads my daybook each week and comments. It means so much to me.

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  1. Hi,

    It's just me, Prudence. I love your posts, Mom and I read them together.

    I have been worried about Wil, he hasn't posted for a few weeks. You know, we bears must stick together.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. I like Honey Bear's photo ! You are one busy lady!

  3. Don't you just love sitting and listening to the quiet sounds of the fan and the clock? I do!

    Congrats on being published! That's always a nice feeling.

  4. I have had to vacuum for the past two days...... Bet I don't do it again today! "sigh" Full on my diet now and walking.. It was just so hot this summer and I did not get out much at all...... so now trying to get in 3 miles a day.... some days I do not make it........ I tried WW but could not stick with it so am just doing fruit and salad and green smoothies........

    I have a STACK of books to read, I would share with you.......... What do you like to read? I like Christian fiction such as The Oath by Frank Peretti, I read everything he writes and I read everything that Max Lucado writes... and countless others that write Christian fiction and devotional type books...... I need to start going through them.......

    I am still working on my web site.. it is soooooo slow going....... but at least it is started again....... I welcome the winter this year which is not like me at all...... Time to read and study and create.......

    Sending you beautiful fall color blessings

  5. Neat about having your article in the church magazine! Hope the insurance application goes through.

  6. Good capture of the honey bee by your Honey Bear! I hope October is a good month for you. Were you able to make it over for the quilt show?! :)