Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...its cloudy,61 °F,  (16 °C) and expected to reach 68 degrees today (WOW)
Hearing...the fan and clocks
I am thinking...about going out for a walk since its so cool
Feeling thankful for...the rain after 4 weeks of drought...changing seasons....the companionship of other women
I am busy I've been recently...its nice to have a morning at home alone
Creating this...the journal I've been working on is chock full of memories
of the females in my life, past and present.

I finished quilting this table runner
 a view of the back and binding
 Do you remember this cross stitch
that I was working on earlier
in the year...I made it into a little
and this one is now a wall hanging

I am currently reading...To Kill a know I can usually read 2 books a week so its an indication of how busy I've been when I'm reading the same one 2 weeks in a row....we had our Book Club discussion of this book on Friday...there were some hints about the story that I'd not read yet but it didn't cause me to stop reading...I don't know how I missed reading this when I was a child....and of course I've seen the movie.
One year ago today...I was feeling thankful for: breakfast on the porch Saturday morning...a less busy week...the colors of Fall...Candy Corn...Boiled Peanuts...socks on chilly in bed first thing in the morning with Smokey beside online...fresh flowers...cozy football...friends who visit online
I was reading:Burn by Nevada Barr
I was decorating for Fall
I am spend some time in the studio today tidying up (things get in a mess when one is creating.....also, I need to do some paperwork for our our club, both my notebooks are a mess with things hanging out(I'm president of one and secretary of the other)..
On my mind...enjoying today and finding joy in simple things
Noticing that....we have at least 3 Hummers competing for the feeder...the wind is blowing a little...I need to fill the seed feeder.
Pondering these words..."Time spent in the company of a friend is like a golden moment in our days". Ron Lessin
From the kitchen...yesterday I had lunch with my Bible study class at my favorite Italian restaurant, Terranova's and ordered my usual: Chicken Cannelloni, I ate half for lunch and brought the rest home for dinner....tonight is fellowship dinner at church, they're having: Ham, new red potatoes, summer salad, and roll......I have some leftovers from the weekend for dinner tomorrow night: tilapia, rice, green peas...we're still getting tomatoes, pepper and Okra from the garden--sometime this week I have to cook and freeze the Okra...
Tomorrow night is the annual International Dinner of my club, it is a potluck and this year we are supposed to prepare a dish that reflects our genealogy heritage...since mine are Irish, Scottish, English and Cherokee, I had planned to make Corned Beef Hash, however several others have planned potato dishes so I may take something else
Around the house...Lots of tidying up to do
I am praying for...Wanda in the loss of her Father....needs mentioned in Bible Study yesterday....Denise(Shorty Bear)...Val's Honey Son....others
A few plans for the week...the week is half over already: yesterday, I had Bible Study, lunch with the class, then got together at a club member's house to sort Writing and Photography entries and prepare them for judging, stopped by Mid South Engraving to have some updates made to a County plaque....Fellowship dinner at church tonight....meeting with  editorial staff of church magazine in the morning then club meeting tomorrow night....I need to stop by Michaels before that to pick up my framed cross stitch.
One of my favorite things...enjoying nature
From my picture file...


  1. What a lovely header photograph! This cooler weather today has me in a great, fallish mood.

    You make the most beautiful crafts! Everything is so beautifully made.

    You should defiately rest well at night as busy as you are these days...Take care.

  2. Like the new look on your blog and that first picture has amazing colours.... you have made some lovely goodies.... fun to see them.... have a great day...

  3. You are a busy woman and all that food.....Mercy.. I have got to get out and join something! hahaha........ Your pumpkin pillow is cute.. I need to take pictures and put some up on my blog......... Cooler weather here and I am THANKFUL ....... It has been brutal and I am happy to see it go...... I guess I need to get busy in my shop.. make something.....

    Be blessed my friend...

  4. I am enjoying the colder weather, too. Loved the peak into the journal!

  5. You keep so busy! Glad it is cooler for you. Our weather is now in the high 90's -- we call it Indian Summer when the hot weather comes in the Fall.

  6. Love, love the Halloween cross stitch pillow. [of course I would] And your table runner is sublime; love the colors you've used. That journal is so cool. What a great piece of work. I bet it's fun to do also.

    Speaking of rain...nope, to answer your question, just the one rain storm all summer. {{{sigh}}}

    Have a good one. I'm kinda taking a break from my genealogy this morning. I worked on more pages up until now and will quit. I need to start working on the crocheting'll be Halloween before I'm done. Oh, and decorating? I do Halloween first then Autumn [since the real 'autumn temps' don't arrive here until about mid November thru December then, it's Christmas and still warm, but chilly at nights. That's our winter. By Mid February, it's Spring and Summer again.

  7. So many wonderful things you have made!! Everything looks so nice. I hope you have a nice weekend! ~Karen

  8. Sending love to you today! I'm off on this September afternoon to a classical concert in the park! :)