Saturday, September 24, 2011

Second Day of Autumn

We'd finished breakfast, I'd read a few posts from friend's blogs, chatted with my sister, when I decided to tidy the kitchen, take the chicken off the bones, and start the soup for dinner.
Somewhere along the way, I either had an episode of low blood sugar or my Meniere's Disease was acting up, because I suddenly felt weak and slightly nauseous. I continued with my chores and felt even worse when I noticed: all the cans of Cream of Chicken soup I had purchased were really Chicken and Rice. Honey Bear noticing my distress and wanting to help, made several suggestions. We decided to go with Cream of Onion. So with the soup on and the kitchen spic and span, I poured the remaining cup of coffee from the pot and went to my favorite chair to pick up my laptop......and proceeded to dump the coffee over chair, table, computer cords and carpet(newly cleaned).  Now, with that all cleaned up its time to assess my feelings, again. I think I might need just a tad more of the orange juice we had with our breakfast. Usually, that does the trick when I'm feeling this way. Now, the question is: If I'd taken long enough to stop for the Orange juice when I first felt this way, could I have prevented the spilling of the coffee.....and I said my favorite and seldom used word when I did it in case you're wondering...s%*t......severely pissed at myself for making such a mess. The day can only get better from here.....
and by the way the sun is shinning and its 73 degrees after an early morning temperature of 51.
Mama Bear


  1. Miss Mama Bear,

    BREATHE...calm down and breathe. Go hug Wil, that always makes you feel better. Ah, the love of a teddy bear. (o:

    Hey, so you made a little mess, so what? Are you smiling? Just a wee bit of a little grin?

    You wanna see messes - well then come on over. If you look up the word "mess" it says "see Prudence" Hahahahaha. (o:

    Love you bunches, be care of your blood sugar.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Oh bless your heart! I have been having some different feelings today too. I think my hand hurting me doesn't help!!! lol Hope you feel better and make sure you drink that juice and slow down.

  3. I think we should get warnings when days like that are going to ambush us..... hope you are feeling better now..... big HUGZ...

  4. I get low blood sugar, too, and it's worse some days than other. What helps me most is getting a bit of protein. I carry peanut butter crackers around so the cracker can digest quickly and get into my system and the peanut butter has some staying power. If I don't have some protein with breakfast, I'm dizzy and shaky in a couple of hours.

    Hope today was better!