Friday, September 30, 2011

Funny Friday

Happy Fun Friday to you all,
Wil here.
Its been a busy week
with Mom
running around frantically
and me and the rest of 
the bear family
scurrying to stay out of her
The weather has changed and the
nights are cooler.
We've been happy for the fur we
all wear.
Do you have those little Hummers in
your yard? How do they move
so fast?
Mama says they will be going on
a long journey soon and will
not return until Spring.
Already, the Red Header Woodpeckers
have left for the warmer climates. They
will be back in April.
Normally, Bears would be stuffing themselves
at this time of year getting ready for
hibernation....whatever that is.
Mama says that is why she loves us so much
because she would like to hibernate herself at
Being part of a family and living in a house, we bears
do not have to hibernate for the winter.
It will be toasty and warm here inside.
Better scurry now, and visit my other Fun Friday


  1. I always love reading these. I love bears, they just remind us of childhood. C and me took a course on making them with old fur coats. What fun we had, especially with rabbit fur. It was everywhere.

    Fall is here too with all it's beautiful colors, although still warm here. No snow yet.
    Hope you have a great Friday and weekend. Hugs

  2. Hi Wil,

    Isn't it so much better to belong to a "hug", we have a nice house to live in, we are cared for, fed, protected and LOVED. Doesn't get any better than that.

    Our little Hummingbirds are feeding heavily here, getting ready for their long trip to warmer temperatures. Mom is always sad to see them leave but they will be back.

    Heaps of Hugs