Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Its cloudy out this morning. We had thunderstorms around midnight with rain. The forecast says it will reach 65 degrees today. Quite a change from the 90s early in the week. 
I did my grocery shopping yesterday. I hate that job more and more. I spent quite a bit of time planning, looking at ads, clipping coupons and I saved a few dollars but the total was still more than I wanted it to be. The good thing is I hadn't shopped in two weeks and hopefully will not do so again for two more. My Mother always bought whole chickens and cut them up herself. I used to do the same thing but then got in the habit of buying parts of the chicken, usually boneless breasts which cost more a pound. I really don't know which is more economical. I bought a roaster yesterday and will do Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken with it. I plan to use part of the meat for soup. I though the chicken would be cheaper than it was and when I saw the price, considered not purchasing it. But since it was a part of my menu plan, I went ahead. I think I saw in one of the store ads I looked through that Rotisserie Chickens were on sale somewhere. I am going to have to do some calculating and see whether buying one already cooked is a better deal. 
Several of the stores here have discounts for Seniors on Wednesday. I don't usually buy groceries on Wednesday because Honey Bear is only home on weekends and I plan those  meals and then purchase food for them. It took me a while to get around to Wednesday shopping but I saved $12.50 by doing that. He is now only working 3 days a week so I have 5 meals to plan for instead of 3.
The field trip I had planned for today was canceled due to weather. I plan to finish laundry, do a 5 minute clean of the bathrooms, and vacuum. A walk also sounds good since its cooler.
Do you have any money saving grocery tips? I would love to hear about them.
Mama Bear


  1. Don't go to the store when you are hungry!

    We don't have discount day for food here. Lucky you!

  2. The price of food is really rising rapidly, isn't it?
    I shop the sales, buying extra of what's on sale, and I use coupons. The idea is to never pay regular price.

    I buy whatever meat is on sale, and plan menus around what meats I have in the freezer. I rarely buy meat at its regular price.

    I also buy everything I can at Dollar General or Fred's instead of at the grocery store, including milk and bread because it's cheaper there. We don't have a Wal-mart close by, but I don't really like to shop there anyway.

    Ed and I used to never eat left-overs, but we've changed our ways. We eat it until it's gone these days :)

    The cooler weather sounds nice. I think a cool front is heading our way. I can't wait--I especially hope we get some rain!!!

  3. I don't, but I used to read a blog at that had good tips. My biggest problem is that I can't seem to get grocery store stops to once a week -- seems I'm going 2, 3, or even more times a week some times because I forget something or we run out of something before I planned to. I get so frustrated over that.

  4. Coupons, ??, Where do you get them from and how do they work ??
    We have the large Grocery stores here Coles Woolworths ( Safeway) and I.G.A.& Aldi are probably the biggest in Victoria. Each week the stores have specials, all are near me so shopping is easy . There are large meat stores and a Chicken factory not too far away. I agree food is getting dearer. However we eat rairly well for pensioners, I suppose it ets down to do you like to cook? I do . Tonight we are having chicken Chicken breasts skin on $6.99 a kg was the chicken special for this week at I. G.A.. I will probaly make a Chinese dish , with plenty of fresh green vegies.

  5. I check out the sales for each of the stores near me and then make up a list. I used to plan my menus then shop for the items to make the meals. Now I shop for sales and make my menus from what's on sale. I never buy items that aren't on sale if I can help it. I buy the boneless, skinless chicken breasts even if they cost more per pound as we don't eat bones or skin so why pay for something you can't eat? I don't use many coupons as most are for things I don't normally buy. I make most meals from "scratch" to avoid eating processed foods and have a small garden for fresh vegies. We eat lots of vegies. We don't have discount days for seniors either, which is a shame. We also have started eating leftovers.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that 65 degrees sounds heavenly.

    Desert Shadows and Week's Summary is my day's post link if you'd care to join me.

    Have a glorious weekend.

  7. I use Coupons some but usually we do not as we do not use most of the things coupons are printed for. One thing that I have learned about the meat. I buy the boneless chicken breasts and divide them up and put them in my food saver bags and pull the air out..they last a nice long time and one of them is enough for me and Dennis.

    I buy the big frozen turkey breasts and cook it one night over night and then put in refrigerator until cool and then slice it up for sandwiches and wraps. Cheaper than buying the Deli meat. I also find a nice cooked ham and then take it to the Deli for them to slice.. I get them for about 8.00 and when sliced up they will last an entire month for sandwiches or to put a slice or two in a pot of beans. I put some in the food saver bags and pull the air out and put in the freezer.. I do that also with the less expensive ground beef 75/25 and mix it with some sausage meat and make a big bowl of meat loaf and then put in those little aluminum pans and cover with foil and freeze them. It will usually make about 8-9 which is perfect for me and Dennis. ( I do not eat much red meat so he has it for himself most times) That is just a few things I do... it helps a lot!
    In this day and age we have to start figuring out where to cut corners.. and I think it might get worse before it gets better....

    Sending cool weather hugs to you my friend.... AND I found something just for you at a garage sale today!!!!!!!!! Now you get to wait to find out what it is! :)