Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window....it's 57 °F, (14 °C), foggy, and damp but expected to reach the 80s with sunshine later....the porch is wet from some rain during the night...there's a Cardinal and a Purple Finch on the feeder...the Butterfly Bush is still blooming profusely/the Hummingbird sure does love it.....the Maple is starting to show its true colors.....the Madevilla and the Geranium are still blooming merrily while most of the other flowers are dying....Honey Bear cleaned the porch yesterday so it really looks good out there..
Hearing...the sound of machinery or traffic in the distance...clocks ticking
I am thinking...about what to do today....I decided to stay home from Bible Study this morning...didn't sleep well...and just wanted a day at home alone
Feeling thankful for...being able to stay home....safe travel for Honey Bear this morning...beautiful Fall weather...Hot coffee...a warm robe on cool mornings....music....
I am remembering...high school football...Homecoming....pep rallies....when I was a teenager, our school didn't allow dances but we had a Homecoming supper that resembled a Thanksgiving feast...I served at the dinner a couple of times before the game....just a few more Fall type memories
Creating this...putting my Tis the Season together...I realized yesterday that I don't have a suitable fabric for the outer border so I think I will run by the quilt shop tomorrow.....I should have some projects to show you next week.....mostly getting ready for the annual Cultural Arts day this Thursday....my club is in charge of it...
I am currently reading....the same as last week
One year ago today...a rainy day in the 60s....I was doing two cross stitch pieces and finishing up the Gardener's Journal...reading "Where the River Ends"....read more here
I am hoping...to finish up here soon...I've been chatting with my sister so its taken a bit longer than I planned....I also stopped to add some music to my playlist...I also hope to finish the decorations on my front porch...
I am looking forward to...Having the Cultural Arts day event behind me for another year.....our Fall vacation in the Smokies in a few weeks
On my mind...figuring out when to have the Book Club meeting so I can go to the Harvest Festival in Boaz this year...I am scheduled to have it on the 7th
Noticing that...doing this post takes up a bit of time each Tuesday....have you noticed? I'm trying to post every day.....
Pondering these words..."There are only two ways to live your life..One is as though nothing is a miracle....The other is as if everything is"..Albert Einstein
In the kitchen...a mess that needs taking care of.....clothes to fold....cleaning and tidying to do.....tuna and crackers for lunch later....menu planning before grocery shopping tomorrow
Around the house...bed to make....kitchen to tidy...clothes to fold and put away...mail to take to the box...packages to mail on Thursday...a few more crafts to catalog for the event...border to sew on, hand quilting on another piece/hanging sleeve and label to work on....decorating to do...guest room to tidy....I'm sure I will not accomplish all of this in the days left this week...
I am praying for...Carolyn and Nancy, Bren and Charlotte, Val, Cathy, Elizabeth, Honey Bear, my children and grandchildren, my sister, the Cultural Arts event,
A few plans for the week...Granddaughter after school today, errands tomorrow then fellowship dinner at church,Cultural Arts event Thursday and trip to post office, Friday with Daughter, perhaps a wiener roast & S'mores on Friday afternoon if its cool enough...(we had our first fire in the firepit last Friday evening..so nice)....then Saturday is the annual Street Festival in Madison and our club has a booth selling pizza and soft drinks. I'm schedule to work 2-4.
One of my favorite things...Fall Festivals
From my picture file...

As always, we want to give credit to Peggy, the creator of The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! You are one busy lady. Hope you get a little "downtime" today : )

  2. Just wanted to say "thanks" for stopping by! I posted the bread machine recipe that you wanted as a new post. I am new to blogging AGAIN. I used to blog a few years ago, but had to take some time off. It just wasn't the right "season" of life for me to be on the computer. But now, as my babies are a bit older, I am ready to re-enter the wonderful world of blogging and online fellowship with all of the AMAZING women out there!
    Enjoy your Fall festival on Saturday! :)

  3. I like a day quietly at home every now and then just to catchup with myself.... hope you had a good one...

  4. Dang....Firefox crashed on me. That's a first. Now, let's see how much I can remember of your post. First off, the morning temps sounds heavenly!!! It's in the mid 70s here at 6 a.m...........still! Oh and the pep rallies and homecoming. What a fun time and fun memory!!

    And I must stop to send along my thanks for being such a loyal visitor while I was absent in blog hopping. Much appreciated.

    My link: Baltimore Orioles

    This is an open invitation to stop by and view, if you can find time.

    Happy Wednesday.

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  6. This is Denise. Blessings to you.

  7. I was catching up on your posts and this one inspired me to do one like it. I always enjoy hearing about your days. And thank you for your prayers. It means more than I can say.