Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apples Peaches Pumpkin Hodgepodge

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. 
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1. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? Will you get a flu shot this year?

Well, I usually start out with allergies which turn into sinus infections sometimes but always move into my chest as asthma symptoms...Ugh...having Hypertension makes taking so many OTC medications a no-no for me....I take Vitamin C year round but at the first sign of Fall in the air, I double that dose...We also take D3 year round...I also take an antihistamine year round.
No, I won't get a flu shot, never have....mostly because of an allergy to eggs which is used some way in the process of making the vaccine.....I did get an pneumonia shot.
2. What advice can you give about how to conquer fear?
I'm not sure about my advice on this...I used to have such a terror of crossing the big superstructure was so bad that I had a panic attack once in my favorite Southern city and asked Honey Bear to turn around....I seemed to be somewhat cured when we lived in Pittsburgh and couldn't go anywhere without crossing one....These days many of them have been replaced..I still have a reaction to a long expanse over water but not as badly.....
3. Share two good things about your life right now.
Its hard to narrow it down to two but I'll try...I love living near some of my Grandchildren and my Daughter.....having a home that is somewhat rural but in an established neighborhood and fairly close to everything is good...we have mature trees and cotton fields nearby so lots of wildlife...we can just enjoy sitting outside together enjoying nature and each other without feeling the pressure to get everything done "now" that we did when we were younger.
4. A hot fall fashion trend in 2011 is a return to sixties style...tunics with pants, shift dresses, pencil skirts, cinched waists, bold prints, high necklines and short lengths to name a few. How does this fashion trend fit with your wardrobe and personal sense of style?
I don't follow the trends or fads.....I'm more of a classic kind of girl myself so my wardrobe reflects that...I like the longer tops, but I think I'll keep my longer length skirts...I remember there were some of those in the 60s...I just bought a khaki skirt which was sort of pencil shaped but it wasn't short...and I hate the bold prints...never wear high necklines, makes me feel as if I'm smothering...
5. Were you e involved in scouting as a kid? How about as an adult?
No, I wasn't a scout when I was a child....I helped out when my Daughter was in scouts, I was the first aid person at summer day camp....then I was a scout leader when she was in college...I had a Brownie troop during the Gulf War...Daughter was also an adult member and helped out in the summer...we attended leader camp together
6. Apple, pear, plum, pumpkin...your favorite fall flavor?
I love Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Bread...I like to make the bread in mini loaves and freeze to eat later....I enjoy apples year round and always pack them in our Fall picnics.
7. What characteristics do you think are essential in a good teacher?
Patience, enjoys being with children, loves learning, cares about others.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year...I wish it could last a few more seems to be so short while the hot, hot summer seems to drag on forever....I love seeing the trees changing color, hay cut in bales in the fields, corn stalks tied for decorating, Pumpkins at roadside stands, and cotton white for harvest.

Thanks, Joyce, for hosting each week and coming up with these great questions.


  1. I agree...fall could be a teensy bit longer. By the time its wrapping up though I'm in the Christmas spirit. In my book, spring could come a little quicker too. Winter is soooo long up here.

    Have a great day!

  2. Funny - I like the "middle" seasons too - fall (we call it autumn) and spring! I think spring is my favourite - new life, spring rains! Jasmine plays havoc with my allergies though! :)

  3. I agree that fall and spring are the best. However, I'm a fan of winter (love snow), but always ready to see early blooms of spring.

  4. Always soemthing new to learn about you! I like Fall also but nothing beats the snow in winter!

  5. I used to hate going over "draw bridges". I was terrified that it would fall. My biggest fear these days is height. I get weak in the knees if I climb up very high.

    I love the same things about fall that you do, and I wish it lasted longer, too.

    Thank you so much for the prayer sent up on Brad's behalf.

  6. I can't take OTC cold meds, either, due to a heart rhythm problem, so I usually just try to sleep extra, and that helps a lot.

    I'm not a trendy dresser, either. I don't like bold colors or short skirts no matter what the trends are.

    I've had to deal with fear a lot -- looking up and going over verses dealing with fear helped a lot, as did singing hymns (even if just in my mind) when fear or panic started. Even breathing exercises helps -- breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly.

  7. I too wish fall could last longer! I love the fall season!

  8. I have to admit that the older I get, the more I'm loving Fall and everything that goes with football...high school football...the smell of burning leaves. Sigh...

  9. I love Fall too, but I wish that the "moderate" climate stayed around a little longer than it does. In our case, it gets cold far too soon.

  10. If we could dispense the Spirit of Optimism then all fear had to do was get gulped away.
    Really a summer person.

  11. I will sneeze one day and the next day it is in my lungs! Pumpkin is the best.