Friday, September 23, 2011

Funny Friday

Good Morning, All, 
Wil here
I know its been a while
but its hard to wrestle this
away from Mama 
what's a Halloween Carnival?
I overheard Mama 
say she
misses them.
One of those things that
happened in the 'Olden Days'
like picking cotton I guess.
Mama says
when she was a youngster
they walked through
the cotton patch
with a sack
on their back and 
picked that white stuff off those
weeds in the field...

She said it was used to stuff things
like me
and made into thread and
stuff things like me?
Do you know what she
I sometimes stuff myself with
honey but not cotton.
Well, anybear, have a fabulous 
fun Friday.


  1. Halloween Carnivals and picking cotton--now there are some fond memories! I got out in the cotton field last year--just to see if I remembered how to pick. I did!

  2. Hi Wil,

    Good to hear from you. I don't have a "cotton pickin" idea what a Halloween Carnival is. (Oops, Mom says that was pretty bad, I thought it was rather funny).

    Are you decorating for fall? I helped so it took a wee bit longer - (o: What can I say? I am unique. I think that means good, I hope so (Mom says "it does, Prudence".)

    Have a fun weekend. Don't forget to eat lots of honey.


  3. It's fun to hear about your Halloween carnival... we don't really do much here for it...

  4. A Halloween carnival sounds fun, Wil! I have never been to one before...never picked cotton either! I think I would rather stuff myself with honey than cotton, too :)

  5. Hi Wil,
    We asked mom what a Halloween carnival was and she said she remembered that they were lots of fun and that everyone wore costumes and played games to win treats. We don't much like costumes as they are scary so we're going to stay in and watch a happy movie and eat honey coated popcorn on Halloween.
    Bellamine & Wendy