Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...its 79 °F, (26 °C), expected to reach 96 today with a heat index of 98 and even hotter tomorrow.....I can see the Butterfly Bush in full bloom, the sun is peaking around the side of the house, everything is very still, no breezes blowing this morning....not much bird or squirrel activity
Hearing...music on Pandora radio(believe it or not I felt like a little background this morning), right now its Gary Allen singing: Life Ain't Always Beautiful
I am thinking...of answers to these prompts....have to finish and dress so I can go get the Princess
Feeling thankful for...AC (can't say that enough)...Honey Bear's safe travel this morning...God's beautiful creation....your comments and prayers
I am remembering...this Memorial Day weekend: last night Daughter came over with Wonder Boy, Princess and Yoshi and we had a wiener roast and marshmallow roast right in our backyard
Creating this...A Journal: this weekend I colored or stained 3 sheets of water color paper and began to choose embellishments....Also, crocheting dish cloths and the prayer journal....planning to sew the patchwork on June's TTS blocks this week and trace a few more to embroidery....
I am currently reading...MockingJay the third book in The Hunger Games series
One year ago today..I was reading The Black Cat and the Princess was visiting and we were planning a wonderful summer together
I am hoping...and praying that the small part we ordered for the oven solves the problem(if not, it will cost about $300 more to repair the control board or I will have to buy a  new stove)
On my mind...how its already too hot to go for a walk outside and do I really want to walk on the treadmill
Noticing that...there's a Squirrel in my flower pot again! okay, I've gone out and scolded him...
Pondering these words..."O, Lord, What a variety of things you have made! In wisdom you have made them all. The earth is full of your creations....When you send your Spirit new life is born to replenish all the living of the earth." from Psalm 104
From the kitchen...I sent leftovers with Honey Bear from our meals this weekend...I'm planning to eat light this week...except for Thursday when I'm serving lunch to members of our club who are attending a planning meeting(lasagna, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread and Strawberry Shortcake).....I was able to put out my patriotic decor last week
Around the house...things are mostly tidy as I did some straightening yesterday morning...flowers are blooming, Birds are singing, and water is trickling into the ponds....Honey Bear's garden is looking good, we've already had some onions from it, can hardly wait for the first tomato
I am praying for...Daughter(that everything falls into place so she can close on her house at the end of June---that she gets more part time work at USave pharmacy)......Wonder Boy and the Princess(that this divorce doesn't adversely effect them too much)....Honey Bear(praying he'll find a job close to home that he can do when  he retires---he's asked them to replace him at his present job sometime this year and I guess they're trying but not very hard.....I know he's irreplaceable).....others with requests
A few plans for the week...Mid year planning meeting on Thursday.....Book club on Friday...the Princess is spending today and Wednesday with me...its going to be a short week at home.....need to finish the laundry(not too far behind as I did some this weekend) and change the bed linen....water the garden and flowers mid week....try to work up an agenda for the meeting and our monthly meeting next week....do a little crafting and maybe buy a few groceries toward the end of the week.....work in some exercise(yuk)...and try not to overeat....prepare the strawberries
One of my favorite things...fresh seasonal fruit
From my picture file...More Charleston Benches

 this last one is my favorite..for some reason
it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland

Credit goes to Peggy for creating the prompts for this daybook.


  1. If is any comfort. my parents were divorced when I was 15. It was not amicable, and it was the lowest point in my life, but it is survivable, and God used it to draw me close to Him as never before. I'll pray for His grace for your grands and daughter as well.

    How neat that retirement is at least on the horizon! Your husband sounds like mine -- when he retires I know he will want to look for something else to do. He's not one to sit still long.

  2. The benches are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing. Charleston is an old southern town that would have this type of benches so I am glad you took the opportunity to share them!

    Hope your hubby gets his retirement as he hopes for and can find something relaxing in the city so you can be together more.

  3. I am VERY thankful for air conditioning, too--especially for days like the last two we've had. Hope the kids do o.k. concerning the divorce--will pray for them. Hope you have a wonderful week, Mama Bear! ~Karen

  4. YES, that last bench does look like something out of Alice in Wonderland:-) We had temps in the high 80's yesterday and it felt more like in the 90's with the humidity but today it's only 61 so go figure! lol Supposed to be sunny and in the low 70's tomorrow so that will be more pleasant.

    Wish I could have joined you for the wiener and marshmallow roast, I love stuff like that:-) I'm so glad you get to spend time with the Princess and no doubt you will be making many plans for the summer months!!

    I hope and pray that your hubby will soon find a place to work closer to home. I know how much you worry about him having to travel so much. xoxo

  5. Oh what a lovely read! Thanks for making me smile and enjoy your day with you! Your garden looks lovely and it would be calling to me to go out there all too often ...lol!
    Enjoy your coming weekend... :)

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce. I was divorced at age 42 (devastated.) My two daughters survived okay.

    Those benches are so neat, don't think I've ever seen them in Charleston.