Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday HodgePodge/Outdoor Wednesday

As usual on Wednesday, I'm joining Joyce and Susan

If it's Wednesday it must be the Hodgepodge-Vol 27

1. What reveals more about a woman-her refrigerator or her purse?
Her least in my case....the refrigerator says more about the tastes of the family but a purse is more personal
2. When was the last time you visited a zoo? Where? What's your favorite zoo animal?
I don't remember exactly but it was probably the first year or two we lived in Memphis....The Bears would have to be  my favorite animal, of course, and the Pandas at the Memphis Zoo
3. What social issue fires you up?
Right now, I'd have to say its the way our government is spending money that they do not have.....I compare it to a person who racks up credit card debt.
4. Are you a coupon clipper? Are you extreme?
I do clip coupons for items I use on a regular basis or use the ones on products at the check out....I'm not extreme....I've watched that show a couple of times and I can't imagine why they buy all of that stuff....its another example of hording, I think...and maybe obsession.
5. What is one of your favorite souvenirs brought back from your travels?
I don't spend much money on souvenirs...I have bought baskets and bears which I still have.
6. Lemon meringue or key lime?
Key Lime....I like Marie Callender's 
8. Insert your own random thought here.
You may not know this about me but I dislike communicating by phone....
We went house hunting with Daughter on Saturday. By now you know, her husband wants a divorce and wants to keep the house. Well we found a house that we thought was a good buy and in great shape except for the roof. She has never bought a house that wasn't brand new so has no experience with making offers and asking for concessions. We had advised her to make an offer on this particular house so yesterday there were a lot of phone calls and emails and faxes back and forth to Honey Bear in Memphis. Its so hard to communicate everything when we aren't doing it face to face. Very frustrating for all involved.

More flowers from our Charleston vacation.

I hope you've enjoyed your visit here.....yesterday my club had our annual Habitat for Humanity work day. There were 9 of us and we worked from 8 AM until 12:30. We were able to clean dry wall mud from electical outlets and the floors around the wall, sweep up the floor which is still the concrete slab, and prime all of the walls. It was a very pleasant day to work and we enjoyed one another's company and the feeling that we were doing something worthwhile. Because of the extensive damage from tornadoes in our area, Habitat has a shortage of volunteers. So many are volunteering in the clean up effort who would normally be working for them. The house we worked on is on a street with many other Habitat houses. Most were in different stages of the process, only a few were completed and had residents. 


  1. So sorry about your daughter...I'm sure that's hard. And buying a house is stressful under the best of circumstances.

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  2. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT talk on the phone very long. Say what you want to say and get off. I have family that will stay on the phone for 2-3 hours because they do not want to be rude and tell the other party that they have to go! What is up with that?? After about 15 minutes if you have not said what you want then I am saying goodbye! hahahaha... I hope that your sweet daughter gets that little house.. What a tough time for her.......


  3. I don't like the phone either!! Lovely photos...thanks for sharing little tid bits about yourself...that can be hard sometimes...for me anyways!

  4. Thanks for sharing about Habitat for Humanity. It sounds like something I might could do in my next season...when it gets here. Sweet blessings to you!

  5. Funny, I don't like the phone either. I've struggled with talking on the phone for years.
    Extreme couponing...I think it's wonderful that there are those who are extreme couponing who are giving to others. I use quite a few coupons, however only on items I'll use. It's much harder for us in Canada to get the deals you get when it comes to couponing. It's a fun show to watch. I've always loved the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity...great organization. Hugs

  6. I hate talking on the phone - which is really funny considering I spent the largest part of my career managing the phone systems for the company I worked for. Maybe that's why - I'm totally phoned out!

  7. The flowers are gorgeous. I hope daughter gets a house she will love and it will give her new peace to begin over.

  8. I agree about coupons -- I can understand having a few extras of some things, but some of these people have whole rooms full.

    I don't like talking on the phone much, either.

  9. Getting to know you -- Your blog writes like a letter from a faithful friend. Whether happy or sad . Bless you as your dear daughter begins another chapter in her life.

  10. The flowers are lovely and delightful!
    I'm not a "phone" person either.