Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Fave Five and Funny Friday

I'm Joining Susanne as we look back over the blessings of this week.

*Cooler weather: After the rain of last week, we had a short span of cooler weather. Honey Bear said it was "Blackberry Winter" which happens around the time the Blackberries bloom. It was nice while it lasted but yesterday we were back to the 80s. Cooler weather means lower utilities.
*Habitat Work Day...I feel blessed that I am still able to do that sort of work which requires squatting, bending, stretching up on my toes and just getting a work out...and not too sore afterward either...I'm thankful for Naproxen, too.
*Daughter's offer was accepted on the house we saw last Saturday...There are a couple of contingencies...we're waiting on other people now.
*Electricity that stays on....we only had a short outage one day this week.
* Menu items that do not have to be cooked in the big oven...the electronics have gone hey wire on  my oven since the storm and now is in the locked position so I can't use it. I keep hoping I won't have to call a repair person. Wishful thinking, I'm sure. First, it went into a cleaning cycle all on its on and we had to pull a breaker to get it I can't get the door far I've been able to cook without it using the toaster oven and the microwave..
*A wireless computer mouse....I haven't used a separate mouse since I got my first laptop, but the new computer's mouse buttons are so hard to push that yesterday I bought a new  mouse....without the wires I can use it on the arm of my chair.
An added bonus is my new computer is so much faster than the old one.....
Wil here
not much to report
its been a quiet week
Mom's been home 
We Bears did have the house to ourselves
on Tuesday 
but it was so chilly inside 
even fur couldn't keep us warm
so we cuddled up 
there was a new creature in our 
white curling hair 
and a nose 
that sniffed 
more on that
another time
Have a beary good weekend


  1. I have never heard of a wireless mouse before. Sounds intriguing but now I am used to the laptop. I hope your oven is fixed soon. It is probably locked because it did not come out of the cleaning position completely when you threw the breaker. But, I'm sure you already knew that. I'm not much of a repair person. The warmer weather is coming and you probably won't be using it much anyway till autumn.

  2. Oh perhaps there is a reset button somewhere. But, you probably already knew that too.

  3. I did enjoy that cool spell but am glad to be back to hot. :-) I have enjoyed that our church has kept our temp set higher in the building to help with the fragile power grid. I don’t freeze anymore there. ha. Have a great weekend!

  4. We had a cool snap, too -- enough to get the sweaters out but thankfully not enough to turn the heat back on.

    I'm glad you got to help with Habitat for Humanity!

    I'm glad your daughter's house offer was accepted and that your electricity has been more stable.

    Wow, that would be frustrating with the oven! Hope it's easily fixed.

    I love my wireless mouse -- I use it with my desktop. It's even pink. :-)

  5. Cooler weather is always a blessing (in my opinion.) It's so refreshing. And hurray for the offer on the house being accepted!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Wil,

    Hey, we must be realted - we have a Funny Friday too. What do they say....great minds? Giggle.

    Well we had a beary beautiful, record breaking cool, week but it's back to being hot, hot, hot.

    Hm, white curling hair and sniffing everything? My guess is a puppy dog is in your midst.

    Can't wait to hear more.

    Have a fun weekend, go and get some honey & peanut butter for an afternoon snack. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Cooler weather? I'm looking for hot weather - hot enough to burn off the hoardes of mosquitoes that are torturing us! But I can rejoice with you that your weather is more comfortable.

    Too bad about your oven. Hope you figure it out without breaking the bank!

    I love my wireless mouse! I wish everything could be wireless because I really don't like the mess cords make.

  8. We've had nothing but rain. :( I'd love some warm sun! We had a few hours today and it was glorious! It is pouring and storming again now. So sorry about your stove, but hooray for the wireless mouse. Congratulations to your daughter. A new home is so exciting! (and where would we be without Naproxen?)

  9. Stopping by to catch up. I hope you get your oven situation resolved, at least before you really need it. If you're like me, you don't use it much in the summer anyway :)

    Sounds like you are keeping busy! Have a great weekend.

  10. Wow, 80 is smoking hot to me and we don't usually reach that until well into summer.

    Congrats to your daughter on the purchase of her new home.

    I love wireless mouses. I'd never go back to the attached ones although they do go through the batteries.

  11. If any of you bears feel cold again, you just come by my place...I promise you will be nice and warm here!!

  12. I'm sure that cool spell was nice. I love my wireless mouse, too. Isn't it neat to see our kids do "real life" stuff like buy a house?

    Have a great week coming up.

  13. I enjoyed this post, love you my friend.

  14. I always had a wireless mouse ! that's so easy, although there are people who loose them, I don'tknow how they manage, lol !

  15. i am also one loves her wireless mouse. my mouse stopped working this week. i pushed the reset button and took out the "stick" and put it back, but nothing. so glad i read the comments because i then thought, "oh, i bet it's the battery." thanks, susanne.

    hope your oven turns out to be an easy fix too.

    have a great week even if it is too hot.