Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook/Meet Me on Monday

I didn't do a post yesterday...I was obsessed with a computer game(a session came free with my new laptop--needless to say I won't be buying a copy as it is too time consuming) and didn't get much of anything done.
So I'm adding my Meet Me on Monday post to the bottom
of my Daybook.
Thanks for visiting me.
Outside my window..Its 85 °F (29 °C)the sun is shinning intermittently...there is a slight breeze blowing the Butterfly Bush which just started to bloom this weekend(its a deep rose color)....I can still see the tree limb which fell from the pine tree(this one caught on some lower branches and just brushes the ground)...there are a few birds visiting the feeder but the seed offering is low, I need to replenish it this morning
Hearing...the usual house noises(fans, clocks) and in the distance there's the sound of the workers who are picking up the debris from the roadside with their truck mounted crane(I saw them yesterday over on another street around lunch time there were at least 6 of them parking at the gin for their lunch break.....the county here usually picks up our tree trimmings and yard waste as well as any big items once a month shortly after the first day...however with all the trash from the tornadoes, they've had to enlist the core of engineers to help with clean up...I know its a massive undertaking and I've tried to be patient but will be happy to see it all gone....Honey Bear has gathered quite a stack of firewood just by going up the streets and picking up logs from the curbside.

 the street behind me has a little less 
and is easier to drive down
this last one is of my street, 
the piles are higher than my head
I am thinking...about how much better I feel when I'm walking on a regular basis..I have more energy and feel better emotionally as well as physically
Feeling thankful for...So many things this morning: all that God has blessed me with....my family and friends....answers to prayers...the wonderful gift of nature...music...living in America...Honey Bear's job....
I am remembering...that I wasted my day yesterday playing games on the computer and need to make  up for it today
Creating this...UFOs I guess that I need to try and finish some soon...I've washed the blue ink off of the stitched pieces for TTS and need to press them and put the blocks together...I've been looking at patterns and thinking about new cross stitch projects...I need to cut out the pillow cases for our workshop....and start on the pages for "I'm Making a Journal".....bought some flowers last week that I need to pot....its time to put out patriotic decor
I am currently reading...nothing...I'm in between books at the moment...just finished "A Thread So Thin" by Marie Bostwick, the 3rd Cobbled Court Quilt book....this morning I read a few pages of "The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins" and read the reviews, it is youth fiction but appeals to me so I've downloaded it to my Kindle...
One year ago today...We were having 90 degree temperatures already, I was reading Dogs of Babel, watching Lost's last episode on the computer, planning to attend Kasey's graduation
On my mind...lunch since its almost noon....my post is getting a late start since I slept late and then went for a walk....items that should be on my to-do list
Noticing that...Memorial Day weekend is coming up and I need to make a few plans
Pondering these words..
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I won't let go
words to Rascal Flatts latest song, speaks to me of friendship
From the kitchen...clean dishes in the dishwasher...a pair of shoes that need to be put away...for lunch: maybe some tuna and crackers, that'll make Smokey happy as I always share some with him
Around the house...Monday's chores await: vacuuming and tidying, laundry
I am praying for...Abbey as she enters rehabilitation....Rene's Dad who has the beginning of dementia--plans need to be made for his future(tough time for children)...Gail's Dad(cancer)...Daughter and her family(going through divorce and plans for the division of their assets)--the new house...any of you who have requested prayer...my Son and his family waiting for him at home...
A few plans for the week...Dental appointment tomorrow(just to check the mouth guard)..quick trip to grocery store...Wonder Boy and I are going out to dinner for his Birthday(13 on Friday)...Workshop on Thursday at Double Head to make pillow cases and drainage bag aprons, includes a pot luck lunch(a club project)
One of my favorite things...Having long weekends with my Honey Bear(one is coming up)
From my picture file...
Benches of Charleston, South Carolina

Thanks to Peggy for hosting this weekly look at our world and the 
plans for our days
Welcome to the 46th edition of 
"Meet Me On Monday!"
Where Java is our host and gives us a set of questions to answer that might help us get to know one another better.


1.  What is your favorite bagel flavor?
Cinnamon Raisin
2.  If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?
Fabric, most likely, or maybe some other craft item
3.  What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?
Having so little damage from the tornadoes when so many lost so much..
4.  Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?
Both have their own appeal so it actually depends on where I am purchasing ice cream...I will say that I do not like to eat mine in a cone, I prefer a dish and spoon, less mess.
5.  Are you allergic to anything?
Yes and telling  you would take up half a page at least....Mildew and Mold are just two.
I hope your Tuesday has gotten off to a great start and that you enjoy the rest of the week....if time permits, visit other MMOM and Daybook participants...you'll be glad you did. :0)


  1. Well, from a teddy bear's point of view I think your silly day yesterday did you the world of good.

    Everybeary needs one of those days every now and then. Well, except for me - that is my daily routine. Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. I can imagine how great it will feel to get all that stuff picked up. The system must have been totally overwhelmed lately.

  3. I was thinking of you today whilst we heard of more tornadoes in USA..... and wondered how you are getting on with the clean up.... I admire your positiveness.....

  4. I hope all the wild weather has passed you by now... once they pick up all the trees I hope life can get back to normal for you! :)

  5. Enjoyed the benches besides reading about your daily life!