Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's journal...
Outside my window...Its 72 °F,(22 °C), the sun is shining and it is expected to reach 90 today....there's a blackbird on the feeder and a squirrel on the ground...everything is very green..
I am thinking...the cursor on this computer moves much too quickly..sometimes I think I'm typing in one place and it will be somewhere else entirely..
Feeling thankful for...Blue skies, green grass and trees, weekends with Honey Bear, AC, my husband's computer, electricity, water when I turn on the tap, all of the people who wished me Happy Birthday last week...
I am remembering...singing karaoke last night with Daughter and the Princess who came over to spend the night(their AC isn't working)..we had so much fun...
Creating this...two more blocks for Tis The Season SAL

I finished the sampler cross stitch and made real progress on the other one..have a few gift projects to begin working on...need to finish up the scrapbooks and then do some pages for the Princess and Wonder Boy
I am currently reading...
and just starting...

One year ago today...it was 53 degrees, rain was expected, I was reading Heart and Soul by Maeve Benchley, the day before was Mother's Day and my daughter had taken me to a Lee Greenwood concert, I was planning to spend the weekend in Memphis
I am hoping...to work on the agenda for our Thursday meeting today
On my mind...wondering if I'll lose all that is on my hard drive that I've failed to back up...we should do that every time we save something but I get lazy about it...*note: just got a call...lost my data...will have to have a new computer...that one has expired(cost more to repair than it is worth)..
Noticing that...the year is almost half gone already...
Pondering these words..."Its good to know what direction you're heading in, but its better to be flexible about your route. Sometimes the back roads turn out to be the fastest way home." from The Road
From the kitchen...just some leftovers...some ground chuck that needs browning...the whole area needs to be tidied...
Around the house...things have gotten somewhat back to normal...besides tidying the kitchen, I need to vacuum the family room.....in the craft room are lots of projects in the works and lots more that need to be started.....I bought watercolor paper yesterday so maybe I'll get started on the pages for my journal(I started late and I'm way behind)...
I am praying for...my Daughter and her family, she says they've reached an agreement and aren't going to drag the divorce out(I pray that it will work out best for everyone).....Abbey and her family....Brad and Jennifer....the victims of the tornado who lost either their home, family or both.....the volunteers involved in the clean-up, Honey Bear and his job....Val's request....my son in harm's way, his family...so much more...
A few plans for the week......Dentist on Wednesday, Annual Dr visit on Thursday...DMV...Club meeting that night, Book Club(rescheduled) on Friday..house hunting with Daughter on Saturday
One of my favorite things...grilling dinner and dining outside as we did on Saturday night
From my picture file...

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  1. Mama Bear, I love the "moon pie" in the bench photo! So funny!
    I'm glad things seem to be resolving for your daughter. Hopefully, things are looking up for her.
    Glad to hear that your life seems to be getting back to normal following the storm.
    I appreciate your prayers for Brad and Jennifer...I'm praying, too.

  2. So glad things are getting back to normal for you!

    I know I don't back things up as often as I should. Thankfully what few times we've crashed, my oldest son has been able to retrieve most of the data.

  3. I just loved this post. But, I am sorry about your computer. I am happy your daughters situation is being resolved. I love your new blocks! Have a wonderful day!

  4. I marvel at all the creative things you get accomplished. . . THE BENCHES are wonderful. Each is special in its own way. . . the moon pie bench I had to click on and enlarge. . . how cute!

    I wish the best for your daughter. I know it isn't easy from experience. . .

    We are having our warmest day so far today -- a whole 71 degrees!!!!!!!!!! lol Compared to your 90 degree weather, it is nothing but at least we don't have to worry about being too warm yet.

  5. Mama Bear, you rock!! I can't wait to tell MIL that we have spotted a purple finch!! xox, DeniseMarie

  6. If there is something we Aussies love it is a meat pie. Australian's eat over 500,000,000 pies each year.Beef is still the most popular flavour, although there is growing demand for more gourmet flavours. When an Aussie comes home from overseas theo one thing they crave for is a Vegemite sandwich and a meat pie and sauce. So what is a Moon Pie or is that the name of the shop? Happy to hear that every thing is making life a little easier.