Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Saturday morning, while we were taking refuge in a Smyrna, Tennessee hotel, Honey Bear looked on line for us a place to go walking...This was the location of The Rock School which stood on this site. Unfortunately, I could find no information on the history of the school. There is a library on the site now, surrounded by a park. The water feature is in front of the building. There is a walking trail and picnic pavillions and tables as well as a playground. The park is located at the junction of 3 roads.  Oh, and yes there were benches but I'll save those for another post.

 The Church, Cemetery and house were located across the street.

This is weird. I didn't see this Lady when I made the photo. She appears to be sticking up out of the ground. I like this house and thought it would make lovely a lovely B&B with its wrap around porch.
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  1. Well, it looks like God provided a blessing while you were taking shelter from the storms! Neat place!