Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday This and That

The rain has finally stopped. This is what my backyard looked like on Tuesday.

Wet snow is predicted this morning but sunshine by 5:00 just in time to set.

It is very cold, considering this time last week it was 70. 
33 feels so cold.
I opened the inside doors just because I wanted more light.
So tired of the dark and gloomy.

Yesterday, I went to my hair appointment, then dropped off the discards at 
the charity shop. I should have taken a moment to
browse but needed to pick up some
milk and toilet tissue and hurry on home.

Today, I am going to vacuum the living room  and make the bed.
After that, who knows.


  1. Still raining here, but supposed to turn to snow this afternoon. We've had some flooding problems in our area but it hasn't been too bad in the rest of the area. I am looking forward to seeing the sunshine once again -- hopefully soon!

  2. Isn't it funny, I'm looking at your photo of the rain and you saying it will snow. When in our country it was 43 deg. yeasterday. Far to hot for any one.

  3. Hi. I have missed blogging this past year and I wish I never quit because now things are so confusing. I still can't find the regular pages to fix my blog -- might be because I changed my name because I no longer have that internet service. . . but I did sign on as a contributor and that's why my name is twice. . . when I get things figured out and find the second chip with more scarf photos I will feel I can blog regularly and visit my friends more often too.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I forgot to say that it was nice to see your bench sicne I am a bench fiend. . . I need to get back to my bench blog too -- have to try to rememebr the name I signed in with for that. sigh

    Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Oh boy, do you ever have a lot of rain. Hope you are not getting flooded out.

    Stay nice and warm, I heard that some areas are getting lots of snow where you live.

    God bless.