Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, Monday

 Good morning, Good afternoon, the sun is shinning, yea!
A few days ago, I took what was left of the Christmas ham and boiled it for about 5 hours to get the rest of the meat off the bone. This morning, I measured out some dry Great Northern Beans,(picked through them as one is supposed to, making sure there were no stones), washed them, put them in a pot, covered in water and brought them to a boil. I turned them off and let them sit for an hour, then poured that water off, rinsed them well, put them back in the pot with a little more water (a good two inches), including a little of the water from boiling the ham, and put them on simmer. Hopefully, they will be cooked in about 3 hours. I added one chicken bullion cube (my favorite form of seasoning). I'm planning to fry potatoes with onions and add some of the boiled ham to that, making hash. I haven't cooked a pot of beans since last winter. My Mother did this once or twice a week. She put them on first thing in the morning. Of course, Mother spent most of her days at home. I seem to spend only about half mine here.

What have I been doing when I'm home? Since before Christmas, I've been moving my studio to what was the study. I've yet to finish this because of the desk which needs to be moved out to make more room. Doing this rearranging has given me incentive to sort through our papers. We have many years of paperwork from bills, bank statements, etc. In the last couple of years, I have begun paying my bills electronically and do not have this paperwork anymore but I needed to sort what was stored. At one time, we itemized our income tax return so I kept everything. Now, we don't have as many deductions so we take the standard. So, while sorting, I have a pile to shred, a pile to recycle, and a pile to keep. You know letters, cards, pictures, that sort of thing.

I had a lovely lunch with my friend, Rene, last Wednesday. We were celebrating her November Birthday. It had been that long since we'd had a lunch all on our own. We do see each other on other occasions but never have the time we want to just chat. We told the hostess at the restaurant that we wanted to be put where we could talk and that we'd be there a while. She said this was fine and we stayed until 2:00.

Sunday after church, Honey Bear and I joined the Planks for lunch at a China Buffet. We had a lovely time. We don't do much socializing with other couples but enjoy it when we do. We've known this couple since we lived in Huntsville before.

Do you ever go blog hunting? There is a prompt at the top of my blog that says: "Next blog". Sometimes I just go on a hunt to see what sort of blogs are out there that might interest me. This morning, I discovered this one: Enjoying the Journey. Her entries are so sweet and filled with the happenings in the life of her family.

So, its lunch time now or past for some, I tend to eat mine about 1:00 most days when I'm home. When do you eat lunch?
I hope the sun is shinning in your world today. May it be a blessed day for you.
Mama Bear


  1. My mom used to make beans frequently, but unfortunately my family now doesn't like them, and I hate to do it just for me.

    Lunchtime varies depending on when I got up, what I had for breakfast, etc. If I have eggs for breakfast, I can go a while without eating: with almost everything else, I have to eat sooner (so I eat eggs on days I have to be somewhere).

  2. I should probably do the same as you and go through and sort files and papers. It's on my 'to do' list but not the one that tugs at me. The one that says "I need to be done but I'm not nearly as interesting to do as something else." :D

    Good luck with it and I'll bet those beans will be delicious! I could go for some right now myself!


  3. Every so often I go on a blog hunt. I enjoy seeing what others have to say. Got to check out Enjoying the Journey.

    God Bless

  4. I bet those beans will be delicious.

  5. I used my ham bone last week--in a pot of lima beans. I shared them with my daughter and her family. I've been eating a lot of legumes since going on this special diet.

    I haven't been on a blog hunt lately. I'll check out your recommendation.

    It's a chore, sorting through old papers and such. I try to do it about twice a year, or when my storage boxes are full.