Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Day book is brought to you by Peggy.

Outside my window
it is colddd!...there is a thin sheet of ice on the little pond...this morning, I've seen the Hairy Woodpecker and a pair of Cardinals on the feeder..the sun is shinning...I want it to get just a bit warmer so I can decorate outside..all I've done is put Christmas lights on the porch...I want to do the bushes in front of the house and put garland on the fence.
just the furnace 
I am thinking
my business on the computer has taken too long this morning...I need to be up working on my to-do list
Feeling thankful for
the funds to take care of gifts and other items this time of year
I am remembering
how much Daddy loved my fruitcake...I'm getting ready to make it this morning....
Creating this
a home filled with Christmas cheer...pretty packages
I am currently reading
still working on Innocent...finished On Strike for Christmas and may start Three Cups of Tea next...
One year ago today
Honey Bear was working from home...I was shopping for our adopted family...we do one each year..yesterday, I bought two outfits for one of the children....
I am hoping
that I can get more done today before I get tired...I seem to run out of energy quicker these days(having a little Asthma flare up)...I want to get the tree up
On my mind
See 'what I'm thinking' above
Noticing that
It gets dark so early these days...when is the shortest day of the year..sometime this month
Pondering these words
"It is Christmas in the Heart that puts Christmas in the Air" T.S. Elliot
From the kitchen
baking fruit cake today but first I need to tidy and clean the kitchen.
Around the house
bits of decorations here and there...wrapping paper and boxes in the floor of the studio as well as scrapbook pages in progress....year end 'stuff' for clubs...sounds like a mess, right?
I am praying for
Jennifer...Carolyn and Nancy...Denise in Oklahoma...Faye
those without jobs at this time...
my son and his family...
A few plans for the week
Monday: I had many errands to run...sent packages on their way, picked up some last minute gifts and baking supplies...Tuesday: Baking fruit cake,put up tree,laundry,maybe wrap a gift or two and work on scrapbooks, finish bag..Wednesday: go to bank, hair appointment, maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond...Thursday: pack for trip, Club Christmas Party that night...Friday: fly to Houston for company party...Saturday: fly home
One of my favorite things
attending church Christmas programs at this time of year
From my picture file

I picked this up at Hallmark yesterday. It is tiny. I like having several Nativities around in my decorating.


  1. Love that decoration!

    The shortest day is the 21st -- which happens to be my anniversary! But we didn't get married on that day for any reason except that it worked out best in the schedule.

  2. I so enjoy reading your daybook. It gets dark really early here too. Once the 21st comes, our days will once again start getting longer. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  3. Love your words :)

    Thanks for faithfully visiting and commenting - you are such an encouragement.

    What time does it get dark/light with you?

    Here it is about 8am and 4.30pm in December.

  4. It's cold here in FL too, I don't like it this cold!

    Your fruitcake sounds good!

    Thanks for asking about my sister, she is doing fairly well. Her hair won't grow back (after radiation on her brain) and she is trying to keep her head warm! She has lots of hats including crocheted ones made by friends!


  5. I did not know you had asthma.... I too fight with that ...... I do real well and only have a couple of flares each year.. I have a nebuliazer .. so it keeps me out of the ER....

    not much going on here....Not doing much this year.. Put a few lights up outside and a tree here in the house but nothing else.... Working at getting through the season...... Hope you have a great holiday my friend...

  6. Hello again! I hope you find those blue glasses you are looking for!

    I like your new blog banner!


  7. Oh I love that little nativity scene. It is so cold here and from what I hear next week will be colder. We are headed to Gatlinburg tomorrow and I am betting I will freeze to death. I would love to know how to make a fruit cake. Would you share??