Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down

....Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and since we've no place to go..let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

They say this is only the second white Christmas in history for north Alabama...

For the first time in our 43 years of marriage, Honey Bear and I stayed home on Christmas Day....and it wasn't bad at all......

This is Day 2 of the 2010 snowstorm....its still snowing...whatever melted during the day yesterday has refrozen and more fallen on top of it......only one vehicle has been down our street since it started..that was our neighbor's son and his tracks have been covered now.

This is pretty and its alright to be stuck at home on a holiday weekend but tomorrow is a work day for most folks...I'm concerned about Honey Bear having to drive to Memphis if things don't improve.

On another note: we have tons of food because I cooked all day on Christmas Eve for that night and Christmas Day....I'm thinking I'll freeze some of it.....I'm beginning to think a nice pot of potato soup would be good.

Santa was good to us...Honey Bear got a new pair of earphones, the kind that cover his ear and do not let outside noise some other items.

My best gift came in a small package and was a letter from Amazon saying a Kindle had been ordered and was delayed.

I've made many photos of the snow so I'll be sharing those this week..the one above is from my archives.

I would like to start a photo meme where we share a photo each week of something that begins with the letters of the alphabet....I don't know how to do a Mr Linky or a button...can anyone help me.

This is the Lord's Day...rejoice and be glad in it.


  1. I am like you. I love a day at home especially when it snows. I am going to try to stay home more and do more for my family this year. I don't want the Christmas spirit to end. It's all about our Lord, our family and our friends. I am blessed to call you my friend. I can't help you out with that Mr. Linky but I would love to know how to do that too!! And I would love to join in when you do it. The picture of the Church is beautiful.

  2. THe snow is gorgeous!! I'm a bit jealous. This is the first year since we moved to KS 4 years ago that we haven't had snow yet by this time of year. i don't love the snow, but a little is fun.

    Glad you had a nice homey Christmas!

  3. How pretty. Can't wait to see your new pictures this week. We didn't have new snow, just the stuff that doesn't freeze because it doesn't get above freezing up here. But unless things change, over New Year's it is supposed to be about 40 and rainy. Ick! I don't know what that will do to the frozen ponds kids are skating on.

    I've done a Mr. Linky in the past, a long time ago. I did it for a friend with their code when I was helping with their meme. Google Mr. Linky and you can get instructions on signing up for a free code. With the free sign-up I think the old link closes when the new one goes up, or something like that, which would be fine for you anyway. You have to paste a code somewhere in your post (maybe in your html too) to get it to show up.

    I don't know if that new MckLinky is any easier. You could check it out. I certainly don't know that I was any help other than making it sound confusing.

  4. I need to be careful what I wish for but I wish we were snowed in! We do not get much snow either but last year had the most amazing white Christmas...

    My sweet husband has a Kindle and I have become a Kindle widow.....!!!! He is a ferocious reader and now with that little thing he can read anywhere.. Soooooo I have decided that I need to rekindle my love for reading and just join him..BUT I like a book in my hands so I will stay with that for a while......

    We have a great Christmas here.. Nice an quiet and that was a good thing......

    I pray that your sweet husband has no trouble with getting to work.........

    Have a Happy New Year my friend.... I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do for HIS people in 2011.........

  5. We've had snow, too, but not nearly as much.

    Potato soup sounds good!

    Mr. Linky is pretty easy -- just go to the wizard part of the site (, click on which server you have and then which type of linky you want, and it will configure a code for you.

  6. Keep safe and happy - you are having unusual snow - we are having unusual rain... I love indoors and an escuse to stitch and watch the cricket on TV but I would like a walk!!
    Thanks for lots of positivity ...

  7. Oh Mama Bear potato soup sounds wonderful. I am happy you had a nice Christmas. We have snow here also and it is supposed to be 65 on Friday :)

  8. I was wishing for a white Christmas this year, but we didn't get one! But that's o.k.:) I would love to join up with you for the photo meme--that would be fun!

  9. I heard that it snowed in Alabama. Be safe and keep warm. I'm sure you enjoyed seeing the world all dressed in her winter coat of white.

    I have no idea how to start a Mr. Linky, but think the Monday Photo is a great idea.


  10. I was so jealous of all the snow in the east and even in the SOUTH!!!!!!!! None here yet this year. sigh I love potato soup also. I got a gift certificate to Olive Garden and I plan to go eat their potato soup and nothing else. . . maybe 4 bowls of it! YUM!