Monday, August 22, 2016

A Simple Woman's Day Book


 For today...
Monday, August 22, 2016
Outside my window...

 I am thinking...
how nice it was to sit outside
with my coffee this morning
the temperature was around
70 with low humidity 
A Bible verse I'm sharing...
"Are any of you suffering hardships?
You should pray. Are any of you happy?
You should sing praises." 
James 5:14 
I am thankful...
for the message and
worship in song we enjoyed
yesterday...we attended a 
different church which
conducted worship 
in a different way...
for the rain we've gotten 
this month...for our health
and having all our needs  met.      
In my Kitchen...
There are leftovers from 
Friday...and some
meat that I need
to do something with..
I'm planning to make some
pumpkin bread soon..   
On my prayer list...
praying for continued healing
for Ginger, Martha,
for our leaders
and the upcoming 
elections...and praying for
you if you're reading this...
   I am wearing...
pajamas and a robe
I am creating...
 Haven't been creating..
I did make a get well 
card last week
A song that stays on my mind...
I am going...
to stay home today
Feeling hopeful...
that Fall isn't far away
I am reading...
 this is the second in a series
by this author, I am enjoying
them, they're Christian fiction
A few of my favorite things...
a cup of coffee on the porch...
attending church with family...
a walk with Honey Bear... 
Looking forward to...
a sewing workshop on
making laundry bags
for Mercy Ministries 
In his garden...
a little Okra, tomatoes, 
and peas 
The rest of the week...
hoping to get some sewing done
From my photo file... 
How the years have flown


  1. The laundry bag project sounds like a great thing to do! I always loved when we could do something practical and helpful for ministries we supported.

  2. 70 degrees sure sounds nice. Maybe one day! It was 101 on Saturday.
    I'm missing not having any fresh veggies right now. Enjoy yours!
    Enjoy your week. It was good catching up with you.
    Kathy (Reflections)

  3. That laundry bag idea is good!

    If I lived near you, I'd bring my coffee cup and we could visit on your porch.