Friday, August 19, 2016

Its Funny Friday again!

Happy Funny Friday,
Its Wil Here
Did some one mention
I had such a good time watching those 
girls do their floor exercises...
and the long jumpers and Sprinters
weren't bad either...
made me so tired just watching...
I had to go and get some honey...
I think Fall is coming soon...
I saw jack-o-lanterns in front
of the grocery store...
I know we bears will sure be glad
of some cooler weather...
hope everyone at camp good bear is
back home resting up...


  1. We just finished having a bit of rain, and the temperature is dropping. Perfect after the extremely hot and dry temperatures of the past two weeks. I hope the cool lasts for a bit.

    God bless.

  2. You know, most people don't believe that teddy bears are real people with thoughts and voices; but when they wear glasses, like yours, they take on a highly intelligent persona. My bears have glasses, too.

  3. Hi Will,

    Prudence will be home next week and will do her Funny Friday post. I know she has missed you, she always asks if you are posting on your Blog. Camp registration for 2016 is closed but she put your name in just in case you decided that you want to go with her next summer. We could stop on the way up and pick you up. Thank about it.

    Love you, Little Man
    Prudence's Mom