Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Last Saturday, we went to Franklin, Tennessee so that we could attend an outdoor concert at Arrington Vineyards. It was so much fun, although it did rain, we were cozy under our umbrellas. We spent the night in Franklin and came home after breakfast, Sunday.

Monday night I had a meeting at church so I've not really had a chance to do a Day Book this week....

Today I met a group of friends here
This was a textile mill when it opened in the early 1900s. Later in the 1940s it became a shoe sat empty for years after the factory closed until it was bought by a private citizen and became a place for artists to have studios and for concerts and art exhibits...this was my first visit and we were there for over 1&1/2 hours and didn't see half that was there....We had a tour guide....the place has an open door policy so if an artist is in their studio working, people can walk in to watch and chat with them....Any kind of art you can think of from painting to jewelry making to weaving, etc. is there on the 3 floors of two buildings. It was so much fun and I'd like to go back sometime when I can stay longer and look around more on my own. We really didn't get to spend too much time in each studio.

We got some rain this afternoon and I know there is the promise of cooler temperatures next week....I can't wait....Honey Bear went to work in Dixon, Tennessee this morning early (he works there as a consultant) and will be late getting home so this morning, I cleaned the living room always looks so good right after its cleaned...I think it should be done once a month but who has time for that.
Just got an email from my son with a picture:
Isn't he handsome.
I spent some time with Daughter today and she shared some texts from Wonder Boy....sounds like he is settling in...he said he'd gotten a lot of free t-shirts which was good since he was having to change twice a day, it is so hot down there and he walks everywhere. Also, he didn't pack all of his clothes.
So, that made me feel better about him being off to college....

That's my Thursday man is home and I need to see to him.
Mama Bear


  1. Nice photo of your son! That Lowe Mill sounds like such a neat place! Would love to go to something like that!

  2. Sounds like your keeping busy and yes he is very handsome!!!