Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 9:26 am

Outside my window...16°F, -9°C,the sun is shinning...lots of Bird activity

I am thinking...change is you find yourself looking at your home decor or your hair-do or your clothes and thinking you need a change? Is this a January thing?

I am thankful...for a warm home, a garage that isn't so filled with junk that I can't park my car inside.....for my family and friends......but especially for Honey Bear

In the kitchen...some leftovers in the fridge that need tossing........a fridge that just plain needs cleaning.....I'm thinking Barbecue for dinner from the local place

I am wearing...jeans, a black, long-sleeved knit T which I plan to cover with a royal blue sweater before I go out....and my brown boots.

I am creating...

 this jacket at a workshop last Thursday

 these puzzles from a Christmas gift....there are 8 in the box, different you like to put together puzzles?

I am the hairdresser and then to lunch with my friend, Rene

I am wondering...when I'll get these extra pounds off

I am reading...Defending Jacob

I am hoping...this will be a short Winter with no snow accumulation 

I am looking forward to...Celebration Day (our club's awards day), Retreat, our anniversary trip in the Spring

I am learning.....more about Benjamin Franklin than I ever wanted to know...Just finished Book of Ages

Around the house...leaves and bird seed tracked in the back door.....still needing to attack those two extra rooms.......a scrapbook page that needs completing........a new printer

I am pondering...ways to change

A favorite quote for today...Waste not, Want not

One of my favorite things...Eating... thus the problem with extra pounds

A few plans for the rest of the week: Spending the day with Daughter on Friday, having my nails done

A peek into my day...
at the conference center where we had our annual state meeting in October


  1. Always love reading this. This may be a good thing for me to start with blogging! Thx for welcoming me back!

  2. That jacket is cute.

    Sometimes I like change and sometimes I don't. I don't like to change furniture around but I am thinking of changing where some of my wall decorations are - I think I can do it in a way that all the nail holes are still covered up.

  3. I love the jacket you're creating -- very pretty! I borrowed Defending Jacob from the library (on my Kindle) based on something I'd read about it, but only got a little ways in before deciding to return it. I hope it's a more enjoyable read for you! :)

  4. Love, love. love the jacket you are creating. The colour and the way it flows are both beautiful.

    God bless.

  5. I like changing things around in the house - it keeps things fresh :) I enjoy puzzles but haven't done any for quite awhile as I have so many other projects on the go. The puzzles you did are beautiful! Have a great week.