Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday and Green Day

 Monarch on Butterfly Bush

Sweet Potato Vine

Linking up with Fiona for Green Day


  1. Muito linda! beijos,ótimo domingo!chica

  2. Your picture of the Monarch butterfly is just gorgeous! I've never grown Sweet Potato vines but I should because I so love their delicate leaves. Have a great weekend my friend:-) xoxo

  3. Olá, lindas imagens você postou para deixar o Green Day mais lindo! Grande abraço meu! feliz domingo!

  4. Really lovely photos, especially the butterfly!! :)

  5. The monarch is gorgeous; I enjoyed seeing some in my garden during the summer. You got a lovely photo of yours!

  6. You still have summer! I really wish that I could say the same. The last two days I have woken up to snow. It hasn't stuck around, but snow was still coming down and piling up on cars and roof tops.

  7. Hello there my friend.

    I am so sorry that I haven't visited before now
    but life is just so busy at the moment
    the good news is that I am here now
    and will catch up with all your posts!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Green Day
    I hope that you enjoyed it.

    Raining hard here today but we have had lovely sunshine this week so it hasn't been too bad.

    Take care of yourself.

    x Fiona

  8. Belíssimas fotos!
    Gostei muito.

  9. Such beautiful photographs. Love how the vine leaves look like big, green hearts. Have a wonderful week-end. Our Saturday is almost over and we're off to a 21st birthday party tonight. Hoping the weather clears a bit - instead of spring it feels like autumn!