Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday and Quiz Time

1. What is the most interesting fact you have learned recently? 
How to make Apple Butter in the Crock Pot.
2. The alarm goes off on Monday morning.  What is your first thought?
Where do I have to be today.....Usually the only time I use the alarm is Sunday morning. We go to an 8:00 Sunday School and have to leave by 7:30 so I get up at 5:30....the rest of the week, I just ask Honey Bear to wake me, he doesn't usually sleep later than 6:30
3. What is the most memorable movie line of all time?
I can think of several.....Make My Day!!, Here's Looking at You Kid!, Frankly, my Dear, I don't give a damn!
4. Describe a situation that always seems to try your patience.
Having to wait on someone else...I'm always early and hate waiting on someone who is running late.

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  1. I learned to make Apple Butter in the crockpot last year :) It was first time I made Apple Butter Period. Making it again this year as well as Pumpkin Butter for the hubby. :)

  2. That would be interesting recipe to try. Thanks for participating in the MQaM. Hope to see you again next week.

  3. I don't like waiting on people that are late, either--and that includes waiting in the doctors office!:) I enjoyed your answers. I hope the apple butter turned out to your liking!

  4. I'm very punctual too! My worst is when people are late for meetings! It's such a waste of time! Mmm, apple butter, sounds delish!

  5. Learn more about you every time I visit.

    I have been away for awhile and am having great fun catching up with everyone.

    God bless.