Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Scribbles

This week in pictures

"To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street"
this Dr Seuss book title runs through my
head whenever I go walking with my camera...

The flowers in these photos are almost the same color...
I don't know how that happened....
God's plan

 I was up before 5:30, just after a rain shower
on Tuesday when I spied visitors 
in the backyard....we watched for hours
as Mama Skunk moved 7 babies
from our yard across the road and under a neighbor's

One little Skunk

Two little Skunks...
at one time, 5 of them went into the pond....
just like baby ducks.

Me and Music Man
in Athens, Alabama...
7 members of my club did a road trip
on Tuesday...
We toured a Museum, ate
a lovely lunch at
Luvici's, shopped, had ice cream
at Creme Delight
and stopped at Ison's Orchard 
on the way home for

Mama Rabbit enjoying the clover

Hydrangeas in my neighbor's yard...
there are 3 colors on this one bush....


  1. Is there anything you can do to get rid of the skunks? They would make me nervous.

    I miss my hydrangea bush from the old house. I've only recently seen a bush with more than one color -- I didn't know they'd grow like that.

  2. This was a great series of pictures..... how fun to sit and watch the skunks.. and lovely to see you...

  3. How lovely to see your week in picture form. The little skunks are fascinating. We don't have them here in Australia.
    Hugs Kay

  4. Such lovely flowers. Looks like a fun road trip.