Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal..
Outside my window...its 38 °F, (3 °C) with sunshine and an expectation of reaching 70 degrees today...there are red leaves from the maple tree all over the porch and ground...the Geraniums are still blooming...no birds on the feeder at present...*note:now there's a Squirrel under the feeder along with a Dove....two little Brown Wrens hopping around on the porch planters looking for some spiders for lunch (I love those little guys and their pretty voices)...a Titmouse on the feeder...I guess earlier all of them were sleeping late.
I am thinking...its time to put out the suet feeder...
I am thankful...for this time at home after two busy weeks...a job for Daughter as she continues school.....to have Honey Bear at home at night after so many years of traveling.....this Fall season....hearty soups for dinner....friends, both near and far....family
From the learning rooms...Honey Bear started school yesterday and I am still learning to do needle turn applique..
In the kitchen...a growing grocery list for tomorrow....White Chicken Chili in the fridge along with leftovers from Friday and Saturday nights...may be what we have for dinner tonight.....too much candy to tempt me, I have to get back to eating fruit as an evening snack...
I am wearing...Pajamas and robe
I am creating...

 My first needle turn applique 

This one is done with wonder under and a blanket stitch...
I don't really like how it turned out so I'm going back to needle turn on the next one....these are from Anni Downs' book Some Kind of Wonderful and will be part of the My Favorite Things quilt...I'm
making this with the Stitch-a-long group...I'm also working on a little Pumpkin stitchery and finishing up a few items for swaps I'm involved in...
I am going...to be at home today, doing some cleaning and some sewing
I am praying for....Honey Bear...my sister who broke her foot...Brad & Jennifer....Shorty Bear....guidance as we adjust to lower income....my sister's job....friends with aging parents...my children and grandchildren...
I am wondering...where all the trick or treaters came from last night...we had 16 where usually we have 4-6
I am reading...A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner....I saw it on someones post for What's on your Nightstand and since I had read Meissner's A Scattered Life, decided to read this one on my Kindle......Amazon shipped the new Elm Creek Quilt book today...
I am hoping...to lose a little weight this week....I gained 2 pounds the last two weeks while on vacation and the trip to Conference...
I am looking forward to...the holidays
I am hearing...traffic in the far distance.....clocks ticking...and blessed peaceful silence
Around the house...are clothes hanging from all the laundry I did yesterday (I only dry our outer clothes 15 minutes in the dryer, then hang them to finish drying)....more cleaning and tidying to do....ironing.....I'm trying to follow Motivated Moms cleaning schedule, I'd rather clean the entire house in one day but that is just too much when one wants to do something fun like read or sew...
Pondering these words....

“A citizen of America will cross the 
ocean to fight for democracy, but 
won’t cross the street to vote in a 
national election.” Bill Vaughn
One year ago today....the weather was much the same...I was reading, "In the Company of Others".....enjoying the Fall season....working on several projects in the studio...making plans for the holidays
One of my favorite things...having some handwork to do in the evening...
A few plans for the rest of the week:the Princess is coming after school and we'll be keeping David until Daughter gets home....grocery shopping tomorrow and shopping at Kohl's for a new electric skillet, hoping it is still on sale.....Christian Women's Club luncheon on Thursday....Friday with Daughter...maybe a hike and picnic with Honey Bear on Saturday if the weather is nice since our team doesn't have a game.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

You'll be seeing benches here for the next couple of weeks....
photos made on recent trips...this one was in the
ice cream shop at Mayfield Dairy in
Athens, Tennessee
As always, we are giving credit to Peggy
at The Simple Woman's Daybook for 
the prompts in this post.


  1. Wonderful, full and busy daybook! Here is the link for the hand towel I mentioned in my post.


  2. I was thinking of making White Chicken Chili this week myself!

    Your appliqued items look beautiful to me.

    Unfortunately, the quote you shared about voting is true for some people. Voting is such a precious privilege! We should exercise our right every time there is a chance.

  3. Your quilt blocks look really nice.....I am deciding on my fabric and will be starting soon.....

  4. It sounds as though it is a busy day. I hope you get 1/2 hour to read some of your book.

  5. The quilting looks cute.

    I've read a couple of Meissner's books -- wasn't sure I'd like that one. Let me know what you think of it.

  6. I've been reading and doing my homework on your blog! I left the answers to your questions in the comment section of the previous post.

    I must say that I enjoyed reading some of your early posts and learning more about you! I went all the way back to the beginning of your blog. A lot has happened since then!

    Have a great Tuesday! Wishing you and Honeybear the best now that he's retired. I'm open for suggestions, as retirement is growing closer for us, too. Ed's hoping to work a couple more years, but with the economy like it is, we just don't know.