Monday, June 19, 2017

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday, June 19, 2017

Outside my window...
We had a nice rain this morning
before I got out of bed which
cooled things off and it is only
76 degrees now at 12:45 and
I am thinking...
about this post
A Bible Verse I'm sharing....
"I will lift up my eyes unto the
hills, from whence cometh my help"
Psalm 121:1
I am thankful...
for the rain which we needed..
for the one who watches over me...
In the kitchen...
I cooked chicken tenders,
Mac and Cheese, slaw and
fried Squash for lunch....
I am wearing...
a pink and orange top with
fushia capris
I am creating...
In the last week, I've been getting started on the
Holly Cottage Christmas  quilt that I'm doing
with the gals at SAL, Michelle Ridgeway
is the designer.
I finished the first block this morning..
 As reported earlier, I am quilting on
the Trip around the World quilt...
I only do a little at a time as my
back begins to hurt after about 15 minutes...
I've sew all the way across the middle
twice and then filled in one corner...
I am reading...
Product Details
In his Garden....
still overwhelmed with squash...

Okay, gotta go....


  1. I've thought about a squash plant or two, but I don't want to have more than I would use, so maybe I'll just keep getting them at the store. Lovely quilting!

  2. Your sal block looks great.....
    Every little bit of time ads up and you will get it finished.....

  3. That's a lot of squash! You must have a green thumb!!! As for the quilts, y'know I admire your work. Quilting is truly WORK!!!!!

  4. Wow, that is a great deal of squash.

    Both your quilting projects look lovely.

    God bless.

  5. Your lunch sounds yummy! Your quilt is gorgeous.

  6. So nice to hear from you again!
    I still love your posting style!


  7. so maybe I'll just keep getting them at the store. Lovely quilting!