Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday This and That

Okay, it is Thursday already and I've failed to post. I haven't had all that busy a week and I've spent most of it at home but still couldn't motivate myself to do a post.

Sunday was Father's Day. After church, Daughter met us at Ruby 
Tuesday for lunch. I am thankful for the Daddy I had growing up and miss him. It makes Father's Day bittersweet.

Tuesday, I left home early taking Smokey Bear to his annual vet visit. When we got home, I set his carrier down, opened the door and left again. I stopped by Kroger, purchased flowers and fruit and went to visit a friend who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. She is in a nearby rehabilitation center. She was in therapy when I arrived so most of my visit was with her husband. He is staying with her pretty much 24/7 and I think he was happy to have company. I only visited with her for a few minutes as she was in a lot of pain after the therapy.
Back home, I had a message from a cousin who lives in Florida but was in Alabama visiting. We arranged for them to come for dinner. I didn't really have anything on hand to make for dinner so I went to the local Barbecue place and picked something up. We ate picnic style, that is I didn't dish up the food but left it in the containers it came in and we ate on paper plates. The visit was much more important than the dinner anyway. I had not seen her in 7 years so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Tomorrow I need to buy groceries. Its been 2 weeks since I shopped. At 1:00 I am meeting friends for tea at a new tea room, Tea and Thee.
Today, I'm just doing laundry and reading.
Mama Bear


  1. I'm getting back into blogging ... slowly! Hope you enjoyed your tea! I'm having my hair done tomorrow - new image! Looking forward to that!

  2. Sounds like you have been pretty busy. I think eating picnic style is always fun!

  3. The main thing is that you are enjoying life. It sounds like you are.

  4. Sometimes life just takes over Mama Bear. Nice to see that you are enjoying yourself.

    God bless.

  5. You are such a wonderful person my friend.

  6. Sometimes casual dinners are the best.