Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday, A Simple Woman's Daybook

hosted by Susan.

From my daybook...the week beginning August 15
Outside my window...Its 82 °F, (28 °C), and sunny...the bird feeders are empty again, grass is green, flowers are red....we have a baby rabbit living under the porch...he's a fan of my Sweet Potato vine.
Hearing...the washing machine working on the second load of the day...
I am thinking....about the chores that I need to get done...I'm taking a break for another cup of coffee and some orange juice..I was feeling a little weak(low blood sugar) and shaky. 
Feeling thankful for...every gift from the Father....
I am remembering...Bible study yesterday morning...starting the Fall semester...studying Jonah and the interrupted life...
Creating this...little piles of 'stuff' as I sort through the clutter that used to be my studio and decide how best to store it and what to throw away.

I am currently reading...Ford County by John Grisham
One year ago today...It was hot and we were having some pop up storms...I was gathering lots of Okra and about out of tomatoes....working on Scrapbook pages for my family history and getting crafts ready for our annual cultural arts contest...reading The Novelist by Angela Hunt...planning a trip to Boaz.
I am at least clear the kitchen and my closet of items which I moved there to have the carpet cleaned before the day is freeze some Okra, and other items.
On my mind...finishing the chores and having a day to spend with Daughter tomorrow
Noticing that...Smokey likes to have his bedding changed in his basket...he hadn't been in it since Friday, perhaps it smelled of the carpet cleaner, this morning I changed his bedding and now he is inside again.
Pondering these words..."In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." --Baba Dioum.
From the kitchen...leftovers from the weekend: Fried Okra, Stuffed Peppers, Roast with carrots, onions and potatoes....tuna salad.
Around the house...clutter in at least 4 rooms that requires my attention....two more loads of laundry.....the living room and master bedroom are tidy....
I am praying for...Jill's father, the requests from Bible study, son and family as well as Daughter and hers....Honey Bear(in Houston this week) nephew
A few plans for the week..Spend the day with Daughter tomorrow....errands to run.....repairman coming on Friday afternoon....another wonderful weekend with Honey Bear
One of my favorite things...a well organized house
From my picture file...


  1. Love the butterflies and bunnies!

    Clutter seems to be an ongoing battle, doesn't it?

    I've never read Grisham but haven't wanted to try him. Do you like him a lot?

  2. Hi Miss Susan,

    I don't think you know me - Prudence Clearwater. I love the bunny - soooo precious.

    And the picture of Smokey & Wil - I write to Wil on Fridays, when he posts.

    Heaps of Hugs,

    P.S. You don't have to call me Ms. Clearwater, Prudence will do nicely. (o:

  3. Love, love, love those fantastic pictures. The butterfly ones...awesome. Loved reading this today...always brings a smile to my face. Hugs

  4. Beautiful photos! And aren't baby bunnies the cutest? Unless, of course, they eat our favorite plants.

  5. Your baby bunny is precious! How special that you got a picture of him--even if he is fond of your vine. LOL

    Sure wishing I could get inspired to deal with some clutter, as well. Send some vibes my way :)

    Enjoy the day with your daughter!

  6. Great pictures! That bunny is so cute!

    Glad you are back blogging, I have missed you.

    I need to get rid some clutter in my craft room.


  7. Beautiful butterflies, we don't have them like that here in Victoria up North they do. Spending time with family , that sounds pretty important to me Hugs .

  8. How are things my friend? Thinking of you and your daughter.... I love the butterfly picture.. New life..... I am so looking forward to the fall..... This summer has been brutal.... I love the summer but this has made a fall person out of me.......

    too hot to work in my shop.. little window unit will not keep up so by 10 am I have to close down and move into the house.... so I have not accomplished much this summer..... maybe my mojo will show up here in a few weeks....

    Have a blessed Sunday my friend

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwww, look a the cute little bunny 'wabbit'!!! Darling.

    Loved the deep, rich, photo of the lantana blossom too.