Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Friday morning all,
Wilcox J. Beansford, here
but you can call me Wil.
I've been wearing glasses for many many years now...some say it makes me look distinquished but the truth is they just help me see better.
Mama Bear said I could come by and introduce you to myself and a few of my friends....she is busy catching up on laundry and housework....we are currently under a tornado watch and the skies are sure dark and gloomy....that four-legged furry creature, who thinks he owns the place and everyone in it, has retreated to his basket to sleep the day away....its safe for me and my friends to come out and play.

Mama found me lanquishing on a shelf at Cracker Barrel Old Time Store
in January 2000 and spent her 
Christmas cash to bring me home...

OK, first we have Ms Rouge Chapeau, who claims she is French
and who is a member of The Red Hat Society which means she is over age 50...
She came to us by way of Bear Country at the Boyd's Barn in Gettysburg Pennsylvania in 2005
Mama was a member of the "Society" when we all lived in Memphis, Tennessee.
This big guy is James C. PenneyBeary...He was issued to commemorate 100 years of Teddies, in 2002, and
although he is a Boyd's Bear like me, he was available exclusively through J.C. Penney Christmas Catalog...He has that embroidered patch on his foot but he really isn't more special because of it..even if he thinks he is.
He was also bought with Christmas Cash.

Sitting there beside him is Elmer O. BearRoad in his train engineer outfit....He was a Christmas gift
from Rainbow Mountain Homemakers in 2003
He's retired now, although he still likes to wear his uniform.
The girls here are Sister Pink and Momma Love holding Lamby Pie
Sister was a 1995 gift from one of Mama's longtime friends...Momma Love was sold through the Avon Company for Mother's Day, sometime in the 90s.....She is a Gund Bear
Here we have Anastasia (2001) and Sugar Plum, the Christmas Bears...
both were gifts.
They're not really in jail.
This is Ya Ya
one of the Pandas on loan from China to the Memphis Zoo.
Papa Bear bought this for Mama Bear 
when they visited the zoo while living in Memphis, Tennessee
She misses Le Le.
Here we have The Cranberrys, brothers who lost each other for a while but were reunited
when Grey came to live with us.
Golden was adopted in Pennsylvania...
Grey, a few years later in Alabama
Both prior to 2000
I hope you've enjoyed meeting a few of my friends.....the rest are a little jealous but I've told them they will be introduced at a later date.

Mama Bear is a little concerned about Papa Bear's travel home today from Memphis with all the storms...we need to help take her mind off the weather...see you later.


  1. Awe love this cute post. My dd makes bears...I'm going to show her your post. Hope Papa Bear gets home safely. Hugs

  2. What fun reading this post... all the best with that tornedo!!

  3. Nice collection . . . BUT it isn't Good Friday yet -- one week to go before it arrives. I hope you willl all be safe. Nothing but rain and more rain here.

  4. Dear Bear family, Tornados on the T.V. news tonight, hope you are all well. You sound like a well looked after family, and your grooming is impeccable.

  5. Hi Wil, it's a pleasure to meet you.

    I'm Prudence Clearwater and have my own Blog too. Welllll, I HAVE to share with Sissy, LuLu and now our new baby, Flora. I usually wear glasses too, but sometimes I just get tired of them.

    I am on my way to become your follower.

    Have a beary good weekend, eat lots of honey & peanut butter. Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs

  6. Hey, I just had a grrreat idea. Why not call your posting "Funny Friday" like I do.

    One bear's blog at a time - tomorrow BEAR BLOGS RULE. Giggle.


    Maybe your Dad needs some of that honey & peanut butter. (o: