Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal where every day starts with a blank page...
Outside my window...its cloudy, 67 °F, (19 °C), and expected to reach 85 today....there's a red bellied woodpecker on the feeder and squirrels playing around the pine tree where they have their nest. I had to move the Hummingbird feeder back to the tree after one of the young squirrels hung upside down and drained it...still haven't seen any birds in the mealy worm feeder.
Hearing...the fans trying to keep the room cool
I am thinking...about how short my week is going to be...I won't have a day at home until Thursday
Feeling thankful for....God's provision for my life: right after Honey Bear finished doing the taxes and wrote the big check, he opened the mail and found two checks, our share from the sale of an Aunt's property...safe travel this morning for Honey Bear, he's in Clarksville this week so didn't have quite as long a drive....so many blessings if I just look around me and see them with my heart
I am remembering...Easters gone by...had a card from my son and he reminisced about sunrise services we attended when he was growing up.....loved dressing up when I was a child: Mom always made our dresses, sometimes mine and sisters were the same
Creating this...
Remember, I shared this with you in February and asked if you thought I should finish it since I had used the wrong number of strands of thread on some of it.....well, I began working on it Saturday...a break from the one I shared last week.....I've finished all of the quilt squares on that one and will soon begin on the center....still need to trace off the TTS stitcheries for May and get going on them.
I am currently reading...The Union Quilters
One year ago today...I was starting the GJ stitch-a-long...reading When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin...it was 60 degrees outside my window...I was thankful for God's provision, quality time with Honey Bear
I am hoping...to run by Cracker Barrel today and see what they have on sale...they have the cutest Easter items
On my mind...finishing here, getting dressed, putting Smokey in his carrier to drop him at the vet, daughter coming for me at 9:30...continuing on to our workshop
Noticing that...blogger is slow at times this morning..rain is predicted most of the week...have to get my plants in the soil sometime
Pondering these words..."A flower touches everyone's Heart" Georgia O'Keefe
From the kitchen...grilled salmon, fettuccine, slaw and green beans for dinner last night.....Chicken Club Ring and fruit salad for dinner Sunday...this morning I had a pastry from the bakery with my coffee
Around the house...things are messy as usual on my Monday...have to find time today to straighten up and vacuum
I am praying for...Karlene's Husband(surgery), Son's safety, Abbey(and her family), Shortybear and Eddie, Brad & Jennifer, Val's request, Ashley & Mark(trying to conceive), Ginger, safe travel for Jill's parents(coming from New Mexico), Karen & her students and especially the girl who had the accident barrel racing...
A few plans for the week...A dental cleaning at a new (to me)Dentist on Monday...Workshop(to make Easter baskets for CASA and party favors for the Senior Center) on Tuesday....road trip to spend the day with my sister on Wednesday with a visit to our Aunt in assisted living facility, fellowship dinner that night at church(beef tips/rice, green bean casserole, rolls, dessert on menu)....free day Thursday....Good Friday(Honey Bear will be home)...then a 4 day weekend with Easter on Sunday(have to get those Easter baskets done) maybe dye eggs on Saturday......Have to find time to plant my flowers and clean the porches...It would be nice to have Easter lunch outdoors.
One of my favorite things...walking barefoot in the grass
From my picture file...
More Charleston benches for Paulie.....

this one was in a cemetery which seems an excellent idea

credit to Peggy at The Simple Woman


  1. Isn't it wonderful how God provides for us? I'm so glad you received those checks in the mail.

    Reading about your son makes me sad...it's so hard to be away from our loved ones, especially on holidays, and especially when our loved ones are in the millitary. Our memories and our faith sustain us in times like these, don't they?

    I noticed Brad and Jennifer on your prayer list...I appreciate your prayers on their behalf more than you will ever know! They have so many hurdles in front of them at the moment...his hours have been cut back at work, she's had another suspicious pap test, and the ever-mounting medical bills they both have to pay.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful benches! The woodwork design is beautiful! The cemetary bench is unique and I love it! I, too, have found many wonderful benches in cemetaries.You are a busy lady. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Easter IF the weather co-operates also.

  3. I love all your menu items! I'll have to get some ideas from you, yummy! Have a blessed week, and a very blessed Resurrection Sunday.

  4. That reminds me that I need to schedule a dental cleaning. We haven't seen a dentist yet since we've been here.

    You have a busy week ahead!

    When we went to Charleston for our 30th anniversary and visited places within walking distance from our hotel, I really appreciated all the benches they had around town.

  5. The days leading up to Christian holiday period are always busy, busy busy. The business doesn't overshadow the celebration as we sit and reflect on ehat God has done and is doing in our lives. Enjoyed your post and lovely to hear about the family. Blessings to your whole family over this Easter time.

  6. I always get inspired when I come by and visit. I am headed out to my tmj dr. this morning but wanted to say hello. Thank you for adding my request. There is just something about someone helping you pray for a loved one. Thank you is not enough.

  7. I am soooo jealous of your 85F temperatures...it's 30F here and it's been snowing all day!! Winter just will not release its grip on us:-( I won't be planting in my faerie garden any time soon! lol My Spring flowers aren't even showing their faces yet, except for a few crocuses that braved the chill:-)

    It certainly does sound like you will have a very busy week but then that keeps things from getting boring:-) xoxo