Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal: Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Outside my window...the sun is shinning, I can see the shadows it forms on the ground...the way our house sits, the sun rises on the side where the faux fence is outside my bedroom window....the grass is freshly mowed and so green..we had a storm yesterday, which deposited many seed pods on the porch,from the Maple tree...I just saw two Mocking Birds, the female Downy Woodpecker, the Cardinal pair, and a Wren on the feeder...I have hung my Hummingbird feeder where I can see it from this window, so far there has been no activity...right now its 43 °F, (6 °C), and expected to reach 60 degrees today.
Hearing...Smokey in the kitchen crunching on his dry food....the fan
I am thinking...I need to run put the recyclables out on the curb....I usually do it the night before, but it was raining last night.
Feeling thankful for...all the prayer warriors in my life...the extra day I had Honey Bear home(makes today seem like Monday though)...time to pursue my hobbies...friends
I am remembering...seeing the Princess in the Passion Play Sunday night...she looked so happy.
Creating this...
just one of the blocks in the Tis the Season 
so I'm working on those, the new cross stitch project(which I haven't photographed), the prayer shawl and the bear.
I am currently reading...Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts....anxious to begin The Union Quilters
One year ago today...It was 58 degrees and expected to reach 86...I was reading "Someone Else's Daughter"...Easter was the weekend before...I was working on the family history scrapbooks....looking forward to Habitat Women's Work Day.
I am hoping...that I feel like going out with Daughter today....that this Bronchitis is about over....that I get the ironing done
On my mind...the things I need to be doing while I sit here on the computer...
Noticing that...the days are getting longer
Pondering these words...
“Dreams do not vanish, unless people abandon them.” P.F. Harlock
From the kitchen...toasted raisin bread for breakfast...lots bits and pieces leftover from weekend meals for me this week...I'm thinking I need to cook some of the okra from the freezer....and plan something for Easter...clean both fridges
Around the house...things are pretty much chaos (when I'm sick the whole scheme of things changes)....must do some tidying before the cleaning girls come on Thursday...need to schedule a carpet cleaning 
I am praying for...Rene's Dad...Honey Bear...my children and grandchildren...Shortybear and Eddie...Denise...Abbie...others
A few plans for the week...spend some time with Daughter today...my week is mostly free
One of my favorite things...sitting out on the porch in the morning with my coffee...maybe I'll be able to do that this week.
From my picture file...more benches in Charleston


  1. Aren’t prayer warriors the greatest? I’m so thankful for those I have in my life too. Praying your bronchitis is gone quickly and that you get to go out with your daughter today! Thanks for sharing your daybook.

  2. I have to agree with both of you. Prayer warriors are the BEST!! I always enjoy reading your daybook. Hugs

  3. I hope you're feeling back up to par soon. I feel I am just starting to come down with something. Take it easy.

  4. It's only 28F here and there's quite the north wind blowing. Last week was so Springlike and the snow was really melting but now it feels like Winter again!! I love that block you made, it's beautiful. I do hope you were able to go out with your daughter...I'm bringing mom out tomorrow:-) I'm so praying that you will soon be over your bronchitis and feel 100% again!! xoxo

  5. The best part was the two benches at the end of course! It has been too cold and rainy to believe spring is here. . .

  6. Time out on the computer brings us in contact with so many wonderful people , bringing the sunshine in, knowing that soeone else is praying, thinking hoping and dreaming for us. Blessings , and your bird life is so different from mine , I like to visualise you sitting on the porch with coffee and watching nature at work.