Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time Lost

Hello all,
It has been so long since I posted that I'm not sure if I know how to do it anymore... We are both well. Honey Bear just had his second eye surgery for the removal of cataracts. Soon he will see better than me. I've had a time this Spring with my asthma and my back and have, as a result, put on weight that I am finding it hard to get off.  This past week we lost one of our hens, Doris, and now only have the one, Pauline. She is a good layer, hardly misses a day and seems to be doing well alone. Thursday we had 70 mph winds during  a stormy afternoon. We lost half of a white pine tree which fell across the fence near the back of our side yard. The top landing in the neighbor's yard. This pine tree had in its early years, split and had twin trunks continuing up. The half that broke off had about a foot diameter base. Honey Bear managed to get the top and some of the limbs cut off, repaired the fence and is slowly finishing the job.
I think about all of my blogger friends, often. I care about all of you. I'm just not sure I want to be a regular writer here.
Mama Bear

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Scribbles

Hello everybeary
Wil here
I have been hibernating again 
but now that its warming up
I'm ready to come out and play...
Hope all is well with you.
Signs of Spring are all around....Daffodils, Crocus, and many fruit trees are beginning to bloom. We had some wonderful days of sunshine and warm temperatures this past week as 9 members of my women's club went on retreat near Cullman, Alabama. We enjoyed fellowship, fun and food. Each of us worked individually on projects and together on a puzzle. It was such a relaxing time.

I've started a new cross stitch pattern. I bought it a couple of weeks ago when Daughter and I visited Patches and Stitches, a local quilt shop. That same day we enjoyed lunch and tea at Emma's Tea Room with the Princess. She is such a young lady now at 13 and it is wonderful to spend time with her. Anyway, the cross stitch pattern is at a stand still until I can find all of the thread I need.
I also worked some on the rag quilt that was started a year ago.

I am happy about the signs of Spring although it is the time of year when my allergies act up.......I've been using the breathing machine again.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

It is a beautiful day today even though the temperature didn't reach 40 and the wind chill is cold.
My Women's Club was invited to a soup and salad luncheon at a member's home after which we watched the movie: Marigold Hotel in home theater. How lovely it was to relax in reclining seats while watching a movie with friends. The theater holds 12 and there were 11 of us. This is not a new movie but it was one I hadn't seen. I recommend it if you've not seen it. It stars Maggie Smith and Judith Dench.

I made a stop at Hobby Lobby this morning. I was going to use their 40% off one item coupon to purchase a border punch. I thought I would just run in and buy the one item and skedaddle out of there. Silly me. I had to look at paper and embellishments and storage containers, etc. etc. There is no quick stop at a craft store for me. The sooner I learn that the better. I had not been in Hobby Lobby since Christmas and must see some of the decorations they had for Valentine's Day on sale, of course. I would have loved to look at the garden decor section but forced myself to get out of there. I must go back soon when I have plenty of time.

The author of a Blog I've been following for years lost her husband before Christmas. I just found out about it this week. She posted for the first time since the Fall. Some of what she said has stuck with me since I read it. When one has been married happily for any number of years, the two partners really do become part of a whole and when one of you is missing, the remaining one is incomplete. One needs a reason to get up out of bed in the morning. I am reminded of a scene from Sleepless in Seattle where the character Sam says to Dr Marsha Fieldstone: Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out... and, then after a while, I won't have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while. 
I don't know what is the right thing to say to someone who has lost their partner, their other half. I can't say I understand how she feels but I can imagine it. I have posted about our Foster Daughter that we had to give up after 4 years...When she left, I didn't want to get out of bed and get dressed....I'm thankful that I had friends and family to help me through those first days, weeks, and months.....I had others in my home who felt the loss deeply too and so after a while we began to share things we remembered about our loved one and that helped us to share our grief.

It is so important to have people in our lives. I value my friendships. I value the friendships I have made through blogging. And even though we have never met in person, I thank God for you.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nurturing the Hodge Podge Volume 164

1. What is something you'll never forget about the age you are right now?
I think about my Mother at this age and how she seemed older to me than I feel......I think to myself that she felt just this way.....young in an aging body...........I signed up for Social Security and Medicare this week.......enough said.

2. What's a household chore you've never done? How have you managed that???
I can't think of one.....I'm interested to see what others say....Joyce, I read your answer.....

3. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture? Explain? 
I believe much of our personalities or natures are genetic.

4. Friday (February 28th) is 'Something on a Stick Day'...funny because Zoanna over at A Penchant for Pens recently sent me an idea for a question relating to this topic. What's your favorite food eaten on a stick? 
Toffee Ice Cream Bar or Orange Creme sickle 

5. Which of your five senses do you treasure most, and why?
I only have four since I lost the sense of smell so many years ago......I would have to say "sight" as I love reading and seeing beautiful things.

6. What's the best music, theatre, or sporting venue you've been to? What made it great?
I loved The Lion King......the costumes were awesome.....I saw it at the Orpheum in Memphis.....Aren't those old theaters lovely?

7. It's the last week of the five words or less bid adieu to your February.
Farewell cold and wet February

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Oh what a tease Mother Nature has been the last week or so..with daytime temperatures in the upper 60s with much sunshine, I've been out walking and seeing early signs of mood was it is cold again and I just want to stay inside.

Thanks, Joyce for hosting.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Funny Friday

Good Morning every beary
Wil here
That's right, Wil 
I know you thought I had run away to the wild
but I've had such a time getting
the computer away from Mama Bear
She seems to be on it whenever I look
and she always says just a minute,Wil
which turns in to hours....
I've missed Funny Fridays with my friends
See me, wearing my Christmas Sweater
it has been a cold winter and if it wasn't for
the heater in our house, I'd be hibernating
in a cave somewhere......
February is here and that means Heart 
Day isn't too far behind...
Mama Bear has her table all set with
hearts and candles and flowers...
Romance is in the air.....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Hodge Podge

The Games of the 16th Hodge Podge

1. Are we always responsible for our actions? Are there any exceptions?
I want to say yes but sometimes we do something that unintentionally hurts someone else.

2.  Has anyone from your home town become famous?
Not that I know of

3. January was National Slow Cooker month. Do you own a slow cooker/crock pot? Did you use it last month? What's a favorite dish you make using a slow cooker or crock pot?
Yes to both questions......I love my slow cooker and am considering buying a second, smaller one......In January, I made Chili and Chicken/Dumplings......I may do chicken and rice in it today....

4. How do you feel about private companies collecting data about you?
I think it is an invasion of privacy

5. The Games of the 2014 Winter Olympics kick off with their opening ceremony this coming Friday....will you be watching? Which Winter Olympic event would you most like to see in person? Have you ever been to Russia? Any desire to go, Olympics or otherwise?
I'm not sure I'll watch any of them.......Never been to Russia and don't desire to go

6. Share a good or bad sports related memory from your childhood or teen years.
I'm not into participating in sports myself but I enjoyed cheering my high school football team

7. What's a must have song for you on a work out play list? If you don't work out, run, swim, bike, walk, or anything else that could be construed as 'exercise', then what's a song that movtivates you to at least get up off the couch?
When I walk on the Treadmill, I like to sing along with my favorite collection of Country songs

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
see the post below

Thanks to Joyce for these questions. 

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 9:06 am

Outside my window...its wet from yesterdays rain, cloudy and windy with a temperature of 35 degrees, expected to reach 40......Doves on the porch first thing had Smokey excitedly chirping (he loves talking to them) and Squirrels were scampering around the yard trying various things in order to reach the Bird Feeder

I am thinking...that I need to get my grandson's Birthday Card in the mail as his Birthday is is getting harder for me to remember Birthdays as time is moving so swiftly...

I am thankful...that I had no meetings, workshops or appointments this week until Friday so I was able to stay home, accomplish some more organizing and sorting as well as me time.

In the kitchen...Peas, hash, spinach, corn bread left over from dinner for Honey Bear's lunch......I'm considering chicken/rice with fruit salad for dinner......valentine tablescapes in the breakfast area

I am wearing...pajamas and robe

I am creating...ideas for new projects........pleasant working spaces.......a scrapbook page for our County MCHCL scrapbook....the person who was supposed to do it got called out of town, she had all the elements ready, I just need to arrange them and glue them down.

I am clean the windows and blinds in my studio move some furniture around

I am wondering...what it is that makes the hens lay one day and not the next....

I am reading...nothing right now as I finished one this morning and haven't begun a new one yet

I am jump start my weight loss program and exercise more when the weather changes....hard to get motivated on days like this

I am looking forward to...Spring

I am learning...about the new carpet/floor sweeper I far, I'm liking it for quick pick ups before a full vacuum...

Around the house...there is still room for improvement

A favorite quote for today..."Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us." Martin Luther.......I saw this over at Stray Thoughts 

One of my favorite things...Bird watching

A few plans for the rest of the week: Book Club on Friday....Celebration Day at Grille 21 on Saturday

A peek into my day...
Wil is excited that February is here.....

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, Monday

Monday Quiz About Me is hosted by Heather and Wayne at Acting Balanced.
Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!

1. Happy February!  It's Canned Food Month... who knew?  Do you can your own foods? Do you eat canned foods?
Yes, I do can foods...this year we canned Pickled Beets, Relish, Vegetable Soup, and Apples..........We do eat canned foods.

2. February 3rd is also the day the music died - Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959. -what other great musicians would you like to honor today?
I don't get this question......Are we honoring other musicians who died on this date or just musicians in general.....
3. Do you listen to the radio?  Internet radio?
I listen to Pandora sometimes.........and occasionally, I listen to radio but not so much lately....
4. Both Wiarton Willie (Canada) and Punxsutawney Phil (US) saw their shadows and predict six more weeks of winter - do you agree?
Yes, since it is actually 7 weeks until the first day of they ever predict anything else?

5. My Question: February is Heart Month......How do you celebrate Valentine's Day and what do you do for your Heart to keep it healthy?

We had an uneventful weekend....and no, I didn't watch the Super Bowl.......Our cable provider is switching to all digital soon and has said we all must have an adapter for all our we order them, install them and followed the steps to activate them, then nothing, no signal........after several frustrating hours of trying to figure out if we did something wrong, we called our provider and they tried to activate them and finally said that something was wrong with the adapters and they would send someone out to hook us Saturday...
We had a nice rain yesterday and today is a bright cloudy day.......have you seen any Daffodils peeking up? I don't usually look forward to Spring so much because Summer follows quickly behind, too quickly....this year I'll definitely be happy when winter is over because of the cold temperatures we've had.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alice's Adventures in Hodge Podge

1. It's  been said that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Do you think that's true? Do you find that an easy exercise most mornings? What's something positive you told yourself today? If you missed that boat, what's something positive you could tell yourself tomorrow?
At least the sun is shinning.......

2. There will be karaoke at the next party you attend...are you in? Or will you be faking a sore throat?
I'm all in....Love Karaoke and often sing along with my own machine here at home....
3. January 29th is National Puzzle Day...what's something you've found puzzling recently?
Just this morning, I was trying to figure out how to borrow ebooks from my public library....I think I've got it.
4.  Jigsaw, crossword, acrostic, logic, sudoku, word search...what's your favorite kind of puzzle, and when did you last work one?
Jigsaw.......if you read my post yesterday you know I worked on one every week in January. It is a favorite wintertime activity and I probably last worked on one Tuesday

5. Recently a writer by the name of Amy Glass ruffled feathers with a post she wrote saying she looks down on young women with husbands and kids and she's not sorry. Among other things, she says women will be equal with men when we stop saying house work and real work are equally important. You can read the whole piece by clicking here
What say you? Do you think men and women are equal in the 21st century? Why or why not?
Ooo, I could really get on my soap box over this....I have two children and ...they're all grown up now and I consider them my greatest accomplishment. If done right, running a home is certainly equal to running a business....I've done both......anyone who says otherwise, isn't doing it all.....I couldn't find any personal info on Amy so I don't know if she has ever married or had children.. She says anyone can get "knocked up", there are certainly many heartbroken women who could tell her that is not true....okay, I'm not done but I'll quit here.

6. What's a product you've noticed in the grocery store that you'd like to try, but haven't yet?

I haven't seen this in the grocery store, but a friend demonstrated her irobot vacuum and I'd love to have one......I keep seeing ads for crescent roll sheets and recipes, also, but haven't found them in the store.

7. The author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was born this week in 1832 (January 27th).  Which character from his celebrated novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, would you most like to meet, and why? Here's a linkto a character list if you need help on this one. 

I like the White Rabbit

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Still very cold here in Alabama....after such a mild winter last year, I think the cold temperatures are harder to take......Honey Bear says we're in for a heat wave with temperatures in the 40s.....I don't usually say I look forward to Spring but I am this year.....we're so used to milder winters that the Princess and Wonder Boy don't even own coats....they've been layering with hoodies for when they have to be outdoors.....I'm keeping heavier coats and blankets in the car just in case....with a windchill of -9, one doesn't want to be caught unprepared in case of car trouble.
Okay, its getting late and I need to get some work done.

Visit Joyce at This Side of the Pond to play along

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 9:26 am

Outside my window...16°F, -9°C,the sun is shinning...lots of Bird activity

I am thinking...change is you find yourself looking at your home decor or your hair-do or your clothes and thinking you need a change? Is this a January thing?

I am thankful...for a warm home, a garage that isn't so filled with junk that I can't park my car inside.....for my family and friends......but especially for Honey Bear

In the kitchen...some leftovers in the fridge that need tossing........a fridge that just plain needs cleaning.....I'm thinking Barbecue for dinner from the local place

I am wearing...jeans, a black, long-sleeved knit T which I plan to cover with a royal blue sweater before I go out....and my brown boots.

I am creating...

 this jacket at a workshop last Thursday

 these puzzles from a Christmas gift....there are 8 in the box, different you like to put together puzzles?

I am the hairdresser and then to lunch with my friend, Rene

I am wondering...when I'll get these extra pounds off

I am reading...Defending Jacob

I am hoping...this will be a short Winter with no snow accumulation 

I am looking forward to...Celebration Day (our club's awards day), Retreat, our anniversary trip in the Spring

I am learning.....more about Benjamin Franklin than I ever wanted to know...Just finished Book of Ages

Around the house...leaves and bird seed tracked in the back door.....still needing to attack those two extra rooms.......a scrapbook page that needs completing........a new printer

I am pondering...ways to change

A favorite quote for today...Waste not, Want not

One of my favorite things...Eating... thus the problem with extra pounds

A few plans for the rest of the week: Spending the day with Daughter on Friday, having my nails done

A peek into my day...
at the conference center where we had our annual state meeting in October

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hodge Podge #158

1.  Are you a force to be reckoned with? In what way?
Only when pushed too far.

2. What are two things you love about the wintertime? Or, if love feels like too strong a word, what are two things you 'like' about winter? 
Sweaters........Soups  Sorry, hard to come up with more and I live in the South. Snow, which is rare here is wonderful to see falling.

3. Pomegranate, kumquat, persimmon, kiwi, and guava are all fruits said to have health benefits, particularly during the winter months. Do you have a favorite on the list? Are there any on the list you haven't tried? 
I like Kiwi. The others, can't say I've actually eaten, and don't want to try them.

4. I passed a local church yesterday and noticed they had this on their outdoor sign- 'When all else fails, do the right thing.' Your thoughts?
Strange for a church to post that when we should be doing what is right all the time.

5. Do you ski? According to one list I've seen, the top 5 ski destinations for 2014 are-St. Anton Austria, Whistler Canada, Cortina Italy, Tahoe USA, and Zermatt Switzerland.  Of the five listed, which would you most like to visit? We can make skiing optional if that helps the non-skiers with their answer. 
I would visit any of them but not in Winter

6.  What's the last thing you looked for online? (Besides my blog!)
Someone else's blog. Besides that: I looked at current movies this morning.

7. What saying, slogan, quote, or motto have you seen lately that inspires you for the new year?
I have nothing for this one.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
I found a little January motivation on Friday.....I cleaned blinds, windows and curtains in the kitchen and living room. There are much more areas that need attentions but they'll wait another day. I am amazed at the dust and dust webs in my home. Is there more dust than there used to be or do I just notice it more?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Thursday, January 16, 2014, 8:30 am

Outside my window...23 degrees and partly cloudy although I did see some sun when I first got up this morning....expected to reach 50.the chickens are out scratching in their pen, for a few days last week when it was so cold, they hibernated inside their A-frame, this week they've actually laid eggs...

I am thinking...about what a busy week its been and how this is my first post

I am thankful...that I can stay home today

In the kitchen...leftover chili and porkchops.......I'm not sure what I'll prepare for dinner today...........I'm thinking of baking some Pumpkin Bread, though.....hmmm, it seems like a casserole kind of day so maybe ham &vegetable casserole?

I am wearing...pajamas and a red robe, cozy socks

I am creating...this blog projects started but I saw a quilt block here that I want to make.....its the Friendship Star

I am catch up on some of my favorite blogs today

I am wondering...where some of you found your January motivation

I am reading...Command book club met last Thursday and chose books for the year...February's book is  Book of Ages.....I'm not sure I'll finish the book I'm reading in time to read this one also, both have lots of pages

I am lose a pound this week

I am looking forward to...each new day and what God holds in store for me

I am learning....always learning

Around the house...Smokey is curled up under a blanket on the sofa......natural light is coming in the windows.....

I am pondering...projects I might start

A favorite quote for today...Feeling a little blue in January is normal.
Marilu Henner 

One of my favorite things...a cup of tea on a winter afternoon

A few plans for the rest of the week:Since this is Thursday and the week is almost over, I'll say: Monday I had a planning meeting for my local Homemakers' Club......Tuesday I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning.......Wednesday I had a planning meeting for the County organization I belong to, then lunch with my and tomorrow I'm staying home and doing some household chores....we have no plans for the weekend except Honey Bear needs a hair cut.

A peek into my day...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Ahem, The Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 157

1. Every January 1st since 1976 Lake Superior University has published a list of words they'd like to see banished from the Queen's English.  Words may be banished due to misuse, overuse or just general uselessness (go here to read more about how the words were chosen).  Here are the words/phrases they'd like to see banished in 2014-

selfie, twerk/twerking, hashtag, Twittersphere, Mr. Mom, T-bone, ____on steroids, the suffixes-ageddon, and -pocalypse added to anything and everything, from the world of politics the words-intellectually/morally bankrupt and Obamacare, and from the world of sports the words-adversity and fan base

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Is there a word not on the list you'd like to add?
Really? Some of those I've never heard used.  Obamacare seems like a misnomer to me so let's banish it.

2. What one unfinished project nags at you begging to be completed in this new year?
A genealogy scrapbook for the kids with their surname. I did ones for my side of the family and need to get the ones for Honey Bear's done while I still can, otherwise what good is all my research.

3. When did you last have a bowl of soup? What kind? Homemade or from a can? What's your favorite soup?
For dinner last night. Homemade Loaded Potato Soup. Lobster Bisque.

4. Snowed in, snowed under, snow job...which one most applies to your life in recent days, figuratively speaking.
snowed under as in too much clutter plus my regular cleaning service took holiday week's off in November and December and it fell during the week for my service.....add that to being under the weather health wise for weeks and you get the picture.

5. What's the funniest movie you've ever seen, or at least one of the funniest?
Recently, it would be Red 2.

6.  In general, would you say you're clumsy?
Since I have balance problems due to having Meniere's Disease, I'd have to say yes...door ways jump out and hit me all the time.

7. Elvis Presley was born on Hodgepodge Day (January 8th) back in 1935.  Are you an Elvis fan?  What's your favorite Elvis tune? If that's too hard, which Elvis tune do you dislike the least?  Click here for a list of his songs.
Yes, I was an Elvis Fan and it was sad when he passed away......Suspicious Minds.....I Did it My Way....The Battle Hymn of the Republic.....these are all great renditions in my view.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
After temperature readings in the single digits and wind chills in the minuses, today and tomorrow with highs in the 40s and 50s will seem like heat waves..........But I kind of like the January days of reflection and list making of projects to do.....I don't make resolutions as such but I do make a list of personal goals and projects for the year....

Thank you, Joyce, for continuing to come up with probing questions and for hosting........

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 11:00am

Outside my is 14 degrees, up 9 degrees from when we got up this morning and expected to reach 23....this is unusually cold for our area......but hey, the sun is shinning and the Birds are out looking for food....I'm inside where it is warm

I am thinking...that I am blessed with a garage to park my car in so I don't have to go out in the cold and melt the frost off my windshields and warm the car before I go to work in the morning....blessed not to have to go out and work....

I am thankful...that we have a warm house, plenty to eat, and love to share

In the kitchen...yesterday I cooked a pot of pinto beans and one of rutabagas for Honey Bear to eat with cornbread and slaw...the slaw is all gone so I've put on a pot of Spinach to go with the meal for lunch today..........I've started a pot of Potato Soup for dinner...we could eat that with some Sour Dough Bread my friend makes and gives me......

I am Auburn tee with some knit pants

I am creating...Oops! Well, I'm creating sorted files and agenda for a planning meeting next this Blog post.......and I've started my 2014 Journal

I am going...out this afternoon to pick up the Princess at school and take her home....

I am long this change in weather will last....I know it is supposed to be in the 40s on Thursday......won't that seem like a heat wave after these frigid days...

I am reading...Command Authority

I am continue clearing out and organizing......January is always a good time to do this.........I'm putting the pantry on my list....

I am looking forward to...all the things God has in store for us this year.......

I am appreciate the simple things in life more.....

Around the house...laundry as usual........still keeping the doors closed on the spare rooms so can't get in there until it warms some but there is lots of sorting and clearing out to do in there.......sun is shinning in the window and door.........

I am pondering...I always have problems with this prompt....isn't pondering the same as thinking?

A favorite quote for today..."God has given us memories so that we might have roses in December...J M Barrie" ....saw this one over at Susan Branch's you follow Susan, her posts are all about living in New England in a big old house.......

One of my favorite things...eating, I'm afraid, I've managed to gain quiet a bit this Fall and Winter which I'm going to have to lose.......woe is me....

A few plans for the rest of the week:Lunch with my friend Rene tomorrow......Book Club at noon on Thursday and then a meeting that night.....busy week coming up, too...

A peek into my day...

a picnic by at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway