Friday, December 30, 2011

Funny Friday

Good Friday morning to all you Bears and others...
Wil here

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?

A couple of new friends came to live at our house...
meet Rosie
she's a gift from our friend and Mama's sister in
Christ, Denise, who lives in Oklahoma....
Thank you so much, Denise.
She is settling in nicely after her traveling and
getting acquainted with all the rest of us.
Rosie looked a little scruffy when she arrived...She had packing
material in her fur and it was all schussed down but
Mama gave her a groom and she looks so good now...
Isn't that the sweetest face?

Meet Ms Diva
She was a gift from Wendy in the Secret Santa Swap

Yesterday, Mr Postman brought a package just for me.
See the label.

It was a gift from my friend, Prudence...
We're blog pals, you know...

Prudence sent me a sweater just like hers.
Thanks ever so much, Prudence...
And here I am in my new sweater and
this Santa hat that Mama found for me.

Happy New Year 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Ringing in the Hodge Podge Vol 59

1. Share something you loved about your Christmas Day.

We had Honey Bear's extended family for Christmas Day dinner....Out of the six siblings, 3 were here. Each family had one of their offspring here so we had a total of 3 generations. 17 total. It was after 4:00 before they all left. We still had to go to Daughter's house so the wee ones could open their gifts from us and their Mother. The Princess had bought us gifts, too, with her own money. 
So, we just jumped in the car before we sat down, after telling everyone goodbye......seeing how happy those two children were with their gifts and getting their hugs was the part of Christmas Day that I loved.....

2. You get to put five items in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years, what items would you choose and why?
1. iphone: Knowing how much communication has changed in my lifetime, from those clunky black telephones of the 50s to these multi-media devices, I cannot imagine what the future holds. However, I am sure these will seam as antiquated. 
2. a book: Although we have digital reading devices now, we still have the paper kind of book...I'm imagining that those will be a thing of the past and very rare in the year 3011.
3. Currency: In 3011, our modern day money will be obsolete.
4. A copy of the genealogy scrapbook I made so that the future generations can know where they came from.
5. One of my journals.....if I could read about the lives of my grandparents or great grandparents, it would mean so much to me. Hopefully, someone in our family in the year 3011 will feel the same way.

3. What do you like on a cracker?
Earth Fare has this wonderful lobster spread that I love.....

4. Do you make resolutions at the start of a new year? How'd that work out for you this past year?
I set goals and list items I want to work on during the year....the genealogy scrapbooks were on there for many years,a few before I started on them.....There are areas of our lives together that I want to change or improve on in the new year.......For the second part of your question: I didn't write down that I wanted to lose weight but that was a given for me and I ended the year 21 pounds lighter than when it began.....I start a new journal each year and list these goals at the beginning. I usually look at the ones from the previous year and check off what I've accomplished. 

5. What's a song or song lyric you'll associate with 2011?
I Won't Let Go by Rascal described how I felt about our daughter as she dealt with the heartbreak of her marriage ending....

6. How will you ring in the new year? We usually spend New Year's Eve quietly and don't usually stay up until midnight. We'll toast the New year with Mimosas sometime on New Year's Day....Honey Bear has to work both days. I'm thinking about taking a road trip and meeting my siblings for lunch on Sunday since we didn't get together for Christmas....if I can work it out.

7. What is something you look forward to in 2012?
One thing we can look forward to is less money...
And having Honey Bear at home more now that he is retired from his management job and working at the Facility...
Maybe seeing our son and his family in May when our oldest grandchild graduates.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Remember the song: Fly Like An Eagle...I think it was song by Steve Miller in the 70s. This line goes through my mind often: Time Keeps on Slipping, slipping into the future.......These days, time seems to fly by, if I could I'd slow it down a little so that I could enjoy the moments more....
Thanks Joyce, for some great questions this week.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal....
For today...Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Outside my window...43 °F, (6 °C) I think this is what's called a blustery day...a little wet and very windy...
Hearing...Smokey having a mid-morning snack
I am thinking...Christmas is over and I need to get going on something different...
Feeling Thankful for...all that's been given me full our house was Christmas Day and how everyone lingered to fellowship long after the meal
Creating this...that's just it, I'm not creating...but I need to finish December's SAL section
I am currently reading...Wings of the Morning....and trying to finish up the Cromwell book...
One year ago today...we had snow leftover from Christmas was very cold....reading South Broad by Pat Conway...
I am hoping...we stay healthy this winter...
On my mind...lunch
Noticing that...the joy of gifts is in the giving, not the receiving 
From the kitchen...leftovers
Around the house...things are mostly clean and tidy
I am praying travel for Daughter and the sisters....
A few plans for the calendar is pretty clear
One of my favorite things...hugs from grandchildren
A picture thought to share...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

It is hard to get used to Honey Bear's new schedule. For many years, he has
had weekends off from work. With this job, he works 4 on and 2 off so
his days off are never the same. He has been home for the last two days
and went back to work today. Therefore, today feels like a Monday....
I cannot remember when he worked on Christmas Eve.
He will be off tomorrow, though and I
 have so much to do today to get ready four our meal tonight and
the gathering of family tomorrow.

But right now, I'm just enjoying some sights and sounds of Christmas.
a few days ago, I added most of my Christmas music albums to my
computer and my iphone. I can just play them all the time now.
I have some favorites.
I love Celine Dion, Kenny G, Mannhiem Steamroller, George Strait,
Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys,
Faith Hill.
I place the settings on shuffle so I'm not listening to the same performer
over and over.

We have a Blue Bird house on the back fence. This morning I watched the
pair go in and out time and again.
I know it is too early to be nest building...I, finally,
figured out what they were doing: searching for bugs.

Okay, I'm going to do a little visiting, reading and eating (breakfast) then
I'm off to work on my to-do list.

I hope you have a fantastic day.
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Funny Friday

Hello Every bear and others,
Wil here...
I had a very interesting post in mind for today, 
all about books...
However, all of the batteries for our camera
had lost their charge...
What's up with that?
So, they're all plugged in and charging so 
hopefully, you'll get to read that
post in the future.
The Cookie Swap last Saturday was fun....
There were 14 ladies there with samples of their cookies
for us to take home so we have a LOT of cookies
at our house, now....
Papa Bear is making haste to eat as many as he can
and so are we...
Presents continue to appear under the tree....
we had one all the way from Oklahoma this week...
wonder what it could be...
One more sleep and we'll be able to open them and see....
I hope you've had a good week with lots of time for fun...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday This and That

It has been raining constantly today...

I had a few last minute ingredients for my Christmas Eve and 
Christmas Day meals to pick up
and I had a dimmer for the dining room 
light switch on Honey Bear's to-do list,
so we braved the elements.....He 
dropped me at the grocery store and went to the Depot, 
then picked me up out front.
Neither of us got very wet...

I gave him a haircut and helped him clean the study....

I have to mark some of the items off my to-do list tomorrow
but most of them can't be done until Saturday..

Christmas is just 3 days away...
Are you ready?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ginger at Bear Bits is having a give away.
Giving away WHAT you may ask
A Bear of course.

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Twas the Hodge Podge Before Christmas
Volume 58
1. Are you cooking Christmas dinner? How many will be round your table this year? What are we having?
I will only cook a part of it as everyone will bring something to add to it......35 are invited but we expect only half that number.....Ham, Chicken Dressing, Green Beans, Pasta & Cheese, Broccoli Salad, Sweet Potato Casserole, Slaw, Fruit Salad, Rolls, and various desserts...

2. What is one must-have Christmas cookie in your house? My husband is beginning to think the wedding cookies are...I made them for the first time last year.....Magic Cookie Bars have always been a part of Christmas.

3. Santa likes a glass of milk with his cookies. Do you? What kind of milk is on tap at your house-skim? almond? soy? full fat (Gasp!) Honey Bear drinks skim milk, I drink Lactose free/fat free.

4. Time magazine recently named their 'Person of the Year' for 2011. This is the person the editors believe had the greatest impact, for better or worse, in the past year. This year they chose 'The Protester'. Your thoughts? Who would you name Person of the Year for 2011? No comment

5. December 21st is National Flashlight Day... when was the last time you needed a flashlight and did you know right where to find one? I vaguely remember Honey Bear needing one for some task during the latter half of the year but can't recall why...the last time I needed one was during April's Fury when we were without electricity for 5+ days....I keep two in my nightstand so I always know where they are. I also know where the candles and lighter are.

6. candy canes...yum or yuck? I like Peppermint so yum.

7. What Christmas carol lyric means the most to you? If every day could be just like Christmas, what a wonderful world this would be....If our focus was on Jesus and his sacrifice for our sins, perhaps crime and hate would cease and we could be at peace with all our fellow man.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Jesus came to earth, lived as a man, died on the cross so that we might have the promise of eternal life. He conquered death and the grave. He gave us the greatest gift of all if we will only accept it. He was all about love and acceptance, even forgave those who persecuted and killed him.....we should be willing to do no less.....Love is the greatest gift...
If you have a moment in your busy 
schedule and would like to join us
for this Wednesday Hodge Podge,
visit Joyce.
Thanks, Joyce for these questions.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal
FOR TODAY: Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Outside my window...cloudy,  54 °F,  (12 °C) and supposed to reach 65 degrees today with bird activity or even Squirrels at the moment....I can see yellow leaves on the young apple trees and the green needles of our pine trees as well as the bare branches of the maple...oh and there is the reflection of the lamps that are turned on inside the house..
I am is time to pour that second cup of coffee and have some WW oatmeal cookies for breakfast...
I am thankful...for the first Christmas gift, given with unconditional love....that Honey Bear passed his state board and is enjoying his new job...that my family is healthy...that I don't have to go shopping for Christmas gifts at this late date...that I have special memories of Christmas with my parents to comfort me.....for God's peace that surpasses human understanding....for all of my followers and friends online who are like family
In the kitchen...dirty dishes from last night's dinner....lots of cookies....
I am wearing...Mickey Mouse pjs and a robe
I am creating...a few more pretty lists....and maybe tracing some new stitchery...
I am stay home today
I am reading...Children of the Mist (just started-not sure if I'm going to like it), and The Scarpetta Factor 
I am hoping...not to obsess or get stressed about all the chores on my to-do list between now and Saturday
I am looking forward to...Jesus' Birthday celebration
I am hearing...Smokey talking to me from the back of the sofa...Squirrels on the roof...
Around the house...its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
I am pondering...
"Winter is the season when people keep the house as warm as it was in summer when they complained about the heat"
One year ago today....I was getting ready for my annual Open House (which I'm not having this year) was the shortest day of the was 48 degrees cloudy and wet (hard to believe we had snow 4 days later)..I was reading True Blue by David Baldacci....
One of my favorite things...fellowship with family and friends
A few plans for the rest of the week: prepare that to-do list of things that need to be done before the weekend....laundry...hopefully spend some time with the Princess this afternoon (she didn't come last week) Christmas movies like Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas Shoes...give Honey Bear a hair cut....prep for Christmas dinner....deliver a gift to my friend, Rene...come by and visit you.
Here is a picture (or two) for thought I am sharing...

As usual, we're linking up with The Simple Woman.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Meet Me on Monday
Christmas Edition
Java says:
For this weeks Meet Me On Monday, I'm going to have all the questions Christmas related and 15 questions instead of 5 since there will be no Meet Me On Monday next week (Christmas) or the week after that (New Years)!


1.Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Both, plus the boxes that look as if they are already wrapped.
2.Real or artificial tree?
I'm allergic to the real ones...
3.When do you put your tree up?
I like to put it up the weekend following Thanksgiving, although, this year it was later....years ago when our children were home, we put it up a week before Christmas.
4.When do you take your tree down?
I like to leave it up until after Epiphany if I can stand it.
5.Do you like eggnog?
Not really....I had some a couple of years ago that
was quite tasty, though.
6.Do you have a nativity scene?
Of course. There are 3 in our house this year.
7.Favorite Christmas Movie?
I don't really have a favorite one.
8.Favorite Christmas cookie?
I don't really have a favorite. I like those
Danish cookies and Magic Cookie Bars are a must.
9.Where will you eat Christmas dinner?
We will be hosting it at our house this year.
10.Angel, bow or star on top of your tree?
Angels on the two large trees, stars on the minis.
11.Most annoying thing about this time of the year?
The crowds in the stores.
12.Do you like Fruitcake?
I love the fruitcake that I make. I don't use any of the
citrus peel at all, but use the candied cherries, dates, raisins,
and 3 kinds of nuts 
13.What are you most excited about the holidays?
Seeing everyone open the gifts I've given,especially the
14.Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
It has been our tradition to open family gifts on Christmas
Eve because we always went somewhere on Christmas Day.
This year is going to be different since our Daughter's divorce.
We'll have our Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange with her
but the children will be with their Father so we'll
open gifts with them on Christmas evening.
15.Will you still be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? 
No, I finished that early last week....however
if I happen to see something while out 
and about that I'd like to give someone, I will wrap that
one this week.
If you'd like to join in this weeks MMOM
or just read some other answers, hop over
to Java's place.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Funny Friday

Good Friday morning to all you Bears
and others out there....
Wil here
It is raining cats & dogs outside...
I wonder where that saying came from...
Mama and me have been baking cookies most of the week...
We didn't count them but I'm sure there are
well over 10 dozen...6 different kinds
plus fruit cake and pumpkin bread mini loaves...

Fruitcake minis, yum!

Sugar Cookies shaped like Angels 
and Stars,
and ornaments...
Macaroons....Cranberry Oatmeal Chunks...
Wedding Cookies rolled in powdered sugar....
and Ginger Bears...
Oops, no photo of the little Bears, they're just so cute...
I promise to share a photo of them later...

I helped Mama with the tasting and the packaging...
she said we're taking them to a Cookie Swap party
tomorrow...."What, You're taking our cookies away?"
"Not all of them", she she'll bring back samples of
cookies that other people bake so we'll still
have plenty....
Sounds like a winner to me....

I like to hang out by the Christmas tree, look at all
the presents and chat with those cute gals
in the furry hats...Is my name on
any of the pressies?
I'll have to see about that...
Have a happy Friday every bear...and
thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments...
Hilary over at Feeling Beachie
is starting a new Friday blog hop and she would 
like you to join in....
Its called Friday Fill In
1.       ____ is my ideal winter night. Snuggling up with my Honey Bear in the dark with the Christmas lights on, sipping a glass of wine and watching a Christmas movie is my ideal winter night.
2.       I don’t remember the last time I ___ but, I really want to. sang karaoke
3.       I will never turn down __________a bite of Creme Brulee. 
4.      To save money I like to ____________shop after Christmas sales.
Well, I'd better get moving...we're having
our Book Club meeting and Christmas
luncheon today...
Mama Bear

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Dasher and Dancer and Hodgepodge #57
1. Do you put Christmas decorations in every room of your house? If not every room, what rooms do you decorate? Not decorations in the guest room or study, those rooms are not in use at the moment. I plan to put a table in the study for Christmas Day dinner so I'll decorate that table.

2. If you could visit one of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) which one would you choose and why? I guess if I had to pick one it would be Sweden.

3. What does the word faith mean to you? Having an unshakable belief in God and Jesus Christ...that God is the author and finisher of my life...has a plan for me and guides me in making the right decisions..knowing that this world isn't the end but only a stepping stone in my journey to life eternal.

4. You can go back to your childhood for one day...what day and age would you choose? I can't pick a specific day

5. When did you last have 'punch'? If it's not too much trouble share your favorite punch recipe. At my Open House last December.
Golden Punch
2 6oz cans frozen orange juice concentrate
2 6 oz cans frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cups pineapple juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 quart ginger ale
Reconstitute frozen juice as dierected on cans. Combine in punch bowl with pineapple and lemon juice. Pour ginger ale slowly down inside of bowl. Drop scoops of sherbet into punch. (I used pineapple) Makes 3.5 quarts without sherbet which is optional. I mixed the first 4 ingredients in a separate container, poured about half of it with half the ginger ale into punch bowl. I floated fruit in mine.

6. Do you fill stockings at your house? Are stockings opened before or after the bigger gifts?
Yes, we do stockings....Honey Bear always forgets to buy stocking stuffers so my daughter takes care of mine....I buy for her and the children.....we open our gifts on Christmas Eve and our stockings on Christmas morning. I wait to put the items in them until bedtime on Christmas eve. I have a few items for the stockings already but will probably pick up a few more before then.

7. What takes your breath away? Running in cold weather! OH, wait that wasn't what you meant......Life isn't in the breaths you take, but in the moments that take your breath away.......who said that........seeing my granddaughter born certainly qualifies.......opening my gift two Christmases ago and seeing that Honey Bear had bought the camera I wanted......watching the little ones open their gifts and seeing their smiles...

8. Insert your own random thought here. More cookie baking today!

Credit goes to Joyce for this blog hop. If you have time, stop by and  join in.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal......
FOR TODAY.....Tuesday, December 13....12 days before Christmas...
Outside my window...47 °F, (8 °C) and expected to reach 61 with some sun but right now its cloudy and pretty gloomy.
I am thinking...that I'm all alone at home...Honey Bear went for orientation this morning for his job....
I am thankful...that my son has called me the last two thankful that all my gifts are bought...I went to Toys R Us yesterday morning, early, to try and finish up the shopping list for the child our club adopted....not only were the shelves becoming bare but it was difficult to get down the aisle for all the shoppers.......that Honey Bear is going to have a job he loves, serving others with the plus of insurance and benefits.....that everyone is well right now.....
In the, ingredients and decorations for cookies...

I am creating...Cookies today....all the gifts are wrapped, decorating done.....need to make a menu for Christmas eve....and a to-do list for Christmas Day....I think I might crochet some more preemie caps in the evening....
I am get the cards ready to mail this evening...
I am wondering...what to do first this morning...
I am reading...Redfield Farm on my kindle.....The Scarpetta Factor at bedtime
I am accomplish much today...
I am looking forward going to seem like Monday since Honey Bear will be gone most of the day and was home yesterday...I had to run errands yesterday morning and taxi Wonder Boy to the orthodontist in the afternoon so it didn't seem like Monday to me....
I am hearing...a motor in the distance (can't identify it)...the furnace coming on and the fan running....will put on the Christmas music in a few minutes...
Around the house...lots of laundry to do, cleaning the bathrooms today...
I am pondering...about my anniversary give-away (did you think I forgot)....I have 68 entries...I'm going to have the Princess pick a number this afternoon....I'll announce it tomorrow....but I think I'll wait until after Christmas to mail the goodie office lines are getting long....I was there yesterday to mail off 4 packages

......and...yesterday, Wonder Boy rode in my front passenger seat for the first time (I can't believe he's gotten so grown up)
And a quote: "How did it get so late, so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late, so soon?" Doctor Seuss
I love that one....
One year ago today....It was 15 degrees, burrr but the sun was shining.....I was reading True Blue by David Baldacci.....planning which cookies to bake.....planning for my Open House....Honey Bear had a cold......its fun to look back...
One of my favorite things...listening to Christmas music with the trees and mantle all lit up.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Menu planning, Card preparation, cookie baking, cleaning and laundry........then Book Club on Friday (a Christmas pot luck and gift exchange...we're discussing The Christmas Train)......Cookie Swap on Saturday.....Church Christmas program on Sunday.....
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I gave this plant to my neighbor when I moved......I think perhaps it is time for me to buy another one....
This daybook is brought to you by Peggy at
The Simple Woman
Stop by for a visit.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Welcome to the 61st edition of 
"Meet Me On Monday!"


1.  Tomorrow I'm going to _________? run errands, maybe bake more cookies, take my grandson to the orthodontist.
2.  Pudding or Jello? Pudding
3.  What book are you currently reading? Redfield Farm about a Quaker family operating a station on the Underground Railroad during the 1800s.
4.  What is the first concert you went to see? Can't remember. In the 60s there were these concerts in Birmingham, put on by a local radio station....I attended several of those.
5.  What is your current weather? Temperature is 46 F....its cloudy.

Well, that was short and easy. If you get a chance to play along, visit Java, we send thanks her way for hosting us each week.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday This And That

Good Morning
Its Saturday, all day yesterday, I was thinking that today would be Sunday.
I set out the pumpkin for perhaps the 5th time since before Thanksgiving, planning
to make Pumpkin thing led to another and I never got around
to it...this morning, when made breakfast, I set out all the ingredients for Pumpkin
Bread so I'm making progress. Hopefully, today is the day.....I have several
kinds of Cookies to make for Christmas. 
I am participating in a Cookie Swap next Saturday.
I don't want to make them too soon because they need to be fresh.
 Perhaps, I could go ahead and bake and just refrigerate them.
What do you think?

I had several photos in my folder that I wanted to share.
First, this is what I sent in my last package to Wendy,
my Secret Santa Sack partner. I mailed them
before Thanksgiving and they have yet to arrive.
What's up with that?
Anyway, this is just one of the things I'm stressed about.

This is a gift wrapping demo from the Holiday Bonanza I attended
a few weeks ago....the demonstrator owns a florist,
not only is he very talented but he is a humorous 

And I know I mentioned before Thanksgiving that the Princess
and I were working on a puzzle. This is it.
We'll probably start another one once the house is back in order after New Years.

Here is my Nativity.
This year, I put it in the kitchen hutch because
I'm going to have lots of family here
on Christmas Day and 
didn't want it to get knocked over and broken.
I know, I have Baby Jesus in the manger
already. I tried waiting until Christmas Eve one
year and forgot altogether so He goes in
there in the beginning.

This is a photo of the front of the house that I made
last night. We just put the lights up yesterday.
Notice all of the moons floating around...

Oops! Someone left a strand of lights on the chair.

In November when I attended the Christian Women's Luncheon,
this was the centerpiece and I wanted you to see how 
clever someone is.
She just removed the labels from wine bottles, sprayed them different colors, 
tied ribbons around them, stuffed them with flowers, gathered a scarf 
and some beads and Wow.

That's it, just a random collection of photos...
On my to-do list today: Bake Pumpkin Bread
Make Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings
Mix and Chill some Cookie Dough
Clean the Kitchen
Work on tidying the studio/dining room
Put away the Christmas Decor Boxes
Wrap some Presents
Prepare some packages for mailing
Find time for a Walk
......etc. etc. etc.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Funny Friday

Good Morning, Everybear
Wil here with my Funny Friday post...
It is a beautiful morning outside, but very cold..
I'm so happy to be an inside bear....else I'd 
be getting ready to hibernate about now...

Look, we have Christmas trees. This first
one is in the family room and
the one below is in the dining room/studio..
it is decorated with angels...

We also have a small tree atop the hutch in the
kitchen and one by the sink in the guest bath....
Mama decorated the mantle with garland and lights, too....
We've been extra busy all week
so Mama says today we'll rest...
What's going on at your house?