Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Anniversary & Give Away...

Each year on the anniversary of my blogging journey, I have a 
little contest for a package of goodies...You'll be entered
once for commenting on this post, and once for being a
follower... at the
end of November I will draw a winner.
No more Questions to answer.


  1. Congrats on your bloggiversary....
    1. Nov 15 2006
    2. in exile.
    3 3 is my guess
    4. 32 years?
    5. blue
    I'm a follower...
    Hope some of these are right!!! haha - good one...

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary! I have no clue as to the answers to any of the questions. I'm a follower and faithful reader, but am terrible at retaining info! Perhaps I'll do some research later on...
    Have fun with your give away!

  3. Hmmmm, not sure if my answers will all be right but here they are:-)

    1. Nov. 15, 2006
    2. Memphis
    3. 5
    4. 44 years
    5. Red

  4. 1. Nov. 15, 2006
    2. Memphis
    3. Two nearby but I am not sure how many all together. I'll go with 5.
    4. 44 years
    5. Red, I think.

  5. Okay, Mama Bear. I've done my homework.
    1. Date of first post-Nov. 15, 2006
    2. You were living in Memphis, Tenn. when you began blogging
    3. It says in your profile that you have 7 grandchildren( but I only see 5 in the photo?)
    4. You have been married over 44 years. Wedding date 2-10-67
    5. Your favorite color is red, the same as mine!

  6. Some of these questions were a little tougher...
    1.I'll guess Fall
    2.Quilting and cross stitch
    4.your cat
    5.Not sure, I couldn't find this info, but I see that you've read an impressive 48 in 2011 according to the list in your sidebar. Wow!

  7. Oh wow! Well, first things first. I LOVE your fall decor! It definitely gets me in a holiday mood.

    OK - Now for the hard part!
    1. Nov. 15, 2006 (same year as me! and I started following you then)
    2. Memphis, TN
    3. 7 Grandkids
    4. 44 yrs -- a testimony to us all!
    5. Red
    6. Favorite season? I'll say Christmas since your fav color is red
    7. Quilting (I'm jealous) and needlework
    8. Bears - what else!
    9. Cat
    10 - Books? 52, one a week. ?

    Oh, and I hope you will follow me to my new blog - I'm excited about it. Please stop by my new blog

  8. oh wow... now to think...
    Favourite season..... Fall/Autumn
    2 hobbies - sewing and photographing benches
    something you collect - bears
    smokey bear is your cat
    2010 books read - ? 52

  9. I know for a fact that your favourite season is Fall because it's my favourite too:-)

    Two of your hobbies are reading and sewing.

    You collect bears.

    Smokey Bear is your darling cat!

    I have no idea how many books you read in 2010! lol

  10. I am not going to guess because I don't want to win any more prizes. I enjoy your blog and come as often as I can. I am glad I got to know you thru blogging. Congratulations!

  11. First....LOVE! the Autumn header. Secondly, count me in for your 'giveaway'-and happy anniversary. Thirdly, enjoyed reading your hodgepodge below; especially your parents wedding. Oh ya, I understand about the cost of retirement. It's not an easy thing all the way around, there are so many adjustments---and the bills do not stop once you're retired.

  12. Just stopping by to catch up. Have a great day. I left a comment on yesterday's Hodgepodge.

  13. Just dropped by to say hi. Hope all is well with you.


  14. I thought I was already a Follower, but didn't see my picture, so I signed up!


  15. I'm new to your blog....I really like the question and answers.

    I will be a follower from now on.....

  16. I can not believe it's nearly Thanksgiving...another year gone by...loving your blog as usual! Notice my new photo id? It's a new second blog I've started, so yes, i've taken leave of my senses, Mama Bear!

  17. Thanks for your comment on my Stitch-a-long post. I had to laugh when you suggested I shorten my jeans... I have to do that for real with all pants I buy because I am only 5 feet tall! Enjoy your day.

  18. Put me in that pot! I know your goodie box will be fun!!!!! I have great news and will post it on my blog tomorrow.... Happy Thanksgiving my friend.......