Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Welcome to the 56th edition of 
"Meet Me On Monday!"


1.  Are you excited for the holidays or are you dreading them?
I'm very excited...I'm like a little kid when its time to decorate 
or open gifts....I enjoy seeing others open the gifts I picked 
for them.
2.  Do you hit the snooze button or get right up? 
Whenever the alarm goes off, I usually get up
right away...but mostly I get up without an alarm...Smokey
is a good alarm clock and he doesn't recognize the
change in time so he wants me up at last week's time...
3.  Do you still have your tonsils? 
What a question...yes, I do.
4.  What was the last piece of candy that you ate? 
5.  Do you shop at thrift stores? 
There you have it, this weeks answers to the questions
posed by Java...drop by and pay her a visit.


  1. I get excited about the holidays, too.

    I don't get by thrift stores often but enjoy popping in from time to time.

  2. Send some of your holiday excitement my way...I need a lift :)

    I like Spree candy, too.

    Have a great week! I'm doubling back to answer this week's questions...gotta' do my homework :)

  3. Christmas brings out the kid in all of us. Isn't that such a wonderful feeling?

    Meet Me On Mondays


  4. Again, so much commonality! I have tonsils, I shop thrift shops, I rarely use the alarm, and I love watching others open my presents to them!! Happy Monday!! :)

  5. New follower via Meet Me On Monday - agree with #1 and enjoyed your post! Happy Monday!

  6. Another christmas enthusiast :-)
    But I snooze...

  7. Christmas is such an exciting time. I get up early so I don't waste my day. Then I get on the computer and 1/2hr. is gone in no time.

  8. Hello!

    I'm stopping by from Meet Me on Monday.

    I love the decorations, too. Happy Holiday Season!

  9. That tonsil question was an odd one thrown in there! I had mine taken out at 25 - yuck!

    I am ready for the holidays too. The first floor is decorated for fall and I'm getting ready to put the tree up on the second floor in about a week. I like to be able to enjoy it for a while, and everyone here puts there trees up and lights out early, so I won't stand out too much!