Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Eve before Christmas Eve

Honey Bear has a 4 day weekend because of Christmas being on Saturday..the same next week, too. This morning we enjoyed breakfast of bacon, eggs, gravy, bread, juice, fresh fruit and coffee...Since then I've been finishing up laundry, getting stocking stuffers sorted and cleaning the kitchen...remember those peach turnovers (fried pies) I wanted to make for Thanksgiving but couldn't find the dried peaches? well, I found some last week at the new Kroger that opened near me....As I type this the peaches are simmering on the stove to soften them...later I will mash them and add sugar to make the pies.

This is the way my tree looked last year..I've not made a photo of this year's tree...they never look the same do they? This years tree is sitting in the foyer in front of the mirror you see in this photo and the chair is sitting where the tree was. I like that better. We can enjoy it just as much.
I love the stories behind each ornament, don't you? I use little tags on a string attached to remind me when I received the ornament or made and who it was from.
The sun is shinning here today...Smokey is sitting in the window basking in the sunshine, he loves it...Honey Bear is almost over his cold but has tendinitis in his right wrist..luckily he is left handed.
My daughter, granddaughter and I went out yesterday to buy the stocking was fun to choose small gifts for everyone..I even bought one for Yoshi (their dog) and Smokey.
So, I'm going to be doing some prep work for our get-togethers and just enjoying the days leading up to the Birthday of our Savior.


  1. Sounds like you are busy but ready for Christmas. The peach turnovers sound great!

  2. Happy Christmas..... it's our Christmas Eve now.... lots to do..... the elves are busy...

  3. Call in the next time you are passing by my way and I will give you a bag of frozen peaches, apricots and apples, for the pies. Ah! if only life was so simple. The stone fruit is just about ready to pick, I used to bottle , these days I freeze. Yesterday Keith got beans ready for freezing, while I looked on.

  4. Pretty tree! I like the tag on the ornament of the memories, good idea!

    I want a fried pie!!!!!! Peach is my favorite! Haven't had one in years and years!!

    Merry Christmas!


  5. When those peach pies are ready call me!!! Sounds so good. Your days sound like mine! Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. mmmmmmmm....... fried peach pie.......

  7. I wish I had attached a note to each ornament to tell me where or at least when I received it or bought it or made it. . . great idea too late for me!