Friday, July 22, 2016

Funny Friday

Good Morning and welcome to Funny Friday
Wil here
All of my friends are off to camp Good Bear
but I haven't been myself and decided with
Mama Bear's help to stay home...
Summer is a particularly hard time for 
this bear as I have that winter coat
 to wear every where 
We live in the Southern United States
and although we have air conditioning
it is only a help if I limit my activity...
So-o I want to say hello to Prudence and the
gang at Good Bear, hope they're having
loads of fun....I do miss you...
Mama Bear wants me to include this photo
It is the first apple off our tree, ever, that we
have been able to eat....
Other years, the pesky Squirrels have 
gotten there first, knocked them
off when they were still green...
this year, Papa Bear relocated 20+
of the pests to other places...
Of course, others have come to
take their place and we now have 8
of them running about...
I may just have to use the air rifle on them..
that will mean braving the 100 degree heat...I 
don't know how they stand it out there...
Stay Cool and enjoy summer



  1. My son should visit you. He likes to hunt squirrel. I can't get the hang of eating it, but he likes it.
    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. Hi Will, Prudence's Mom here -
    Prudence called last night and I read her your post. All the bears wanted to listen - it got pretty bearfusing at times. They all miss you and want me to tell you that they have signed you up for next year AND you have been chosen for a scholarship......Mama Bear will love that. Hugs to you from the gang, and from me too. Love you Little Man. ♥

  3. So you already have an apple this year. I thought they come in the Fall.