Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts and Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Honey Bear and
the time we can spend together....
I didn't know what his "retirement" would be
like for me but my life hasn't actually changed
all that much...I still take part in
all the activities I did before, spending time
with friends and family and attending
the various meetings of organizations
I belong to....
He has a part time job and also enjoys his various hobbies..
he doesn't want or expect me to be at his beck and
call or spend all my time with him...
However, it is nice to be able to spend time together
doing the things we both enjoy...
such as traveling and experiencing nature...
In September, we traveled to Keokuk, Iowa
to attend a wedding...we both love traveling back roads
instead of the interstate so it was a very enjoyable trip...with many 
stops along the way..
In October we rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge
mountains of North Georgia and spent a few days 
enjoying nature......
 A street musician in downtown Athens, Alabama
 A view of the Ellijay River
A shopper on a street in Athens, Alabama
these are just some photos from my pictures folder....
What are you thankful for today?


  1. We're a few years away from retirement yet, but I have been a little apprehensive about it just from the sense of wondering if I'll still have any time alone. But I think my husband will be much like yours. He is not one to sit still for long, and I am sure he will have his own interests to pursue as well as our having time to pursue some together.

  2. I try and remember one thing a day that I am grateful for.

    God bless.