Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

I know it has been a long time without a post....I was trying desperately to get my Nature's Journey quilt up to date....I was doing this online with the SAL group and this last section was supposed to be done in September...I didn't make it....I reached this point on October 10....then had a 3 day conference to attend...
Its not a very good photo, made with my phone and hard to get all of it in the photo.....but you see there was quite a lot of detail to get it done. I intend to add a red 3 or 4 inch border and then quilt. I ordered the batting and backing today and hope to do my sandwich at Christian Crafters in November. We only meet twice a month, this Friday being the second in October and the batting won't be here in time....that's alright I am starting another quilt and will have plenty to work on.
I'll try to visit you all in the next few days...and catch up....
It has turned quite chilly here this month with some nights in the 30s..today it reach the 70s for the first time in a week...Fall is here.....how do you feel about this clock changing business? For my readers who live across the sea, most states in America change there clocks forward or backward an hour in the Spring and Fall....We'll be going forward on November 1. It takes me a week or more to adjust so I don't like it.....darkness comes at 4 pm as we move near Christmas and the shortest day of the year....where as in the summer, sometimes darkness doesn't come until 9 pm.
Okay, that's my post.   


  1. I love your quilt!!!

    I live in the only province in Canada that does not change time. We stay the same all year round and I love it.

    God bless.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful - well worth the time and effort put into all those little squares and appliques!! I hate daylight savings - we have just put our clocks forward at the beginning of October - summer time it is still daylight at 9pm and the mornings are dark until 7am - my mind and body do not make the change very smoothly at all!!

  3. Good to hear from you! The quilt looks great. I don't like the times changes, either, although I enjoy getting an extra hour in the fall better than losing it in the spring. I don't like the early darkness, either, but after Dec. 21 I console myself that the days are starting to lengthen even though I don't see it yet.

  4. Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! Welcome back.....