Wednesday, April 29, 2015

No Hodge Podge

Hello all,
There is no Wednesday Hodge Podge this week because of Spring Break where Joyce lives....Our Spring break here in Huntsville was a few weeks ago, in March actually....

Had a bunch of unwanted programs crop up on my new computer and yesterday it seemed every time I tried to do any thing I got a new website which I didn't ask for....I even had some ad links show up on my blog post, which hopefully I've corrected....I got very discouraged but kept checking and uninstalling programs until I think I might be alright. I can't believe how easy it is for these viruses and unwanted programs to jump on our computers even when we have a virus protection just be diligent.

I wanted to do a post today even without the prompts of HP so you wouldn't think I fell off the earth...we're supposed to pick up trash today in downtown Madison, our adopt-a-mile as part of the ACWW Women Walk the World is a fund raiser and we do it every year on this date unless it falls on the weekend, then we choose a date as close as possible....we were afraid rain would keep us from walking but it looks like the rain is gone except for a few scattered showers, I think we will be fine to walk before lunch although and trash will be water logged....lunch is supposed to follow. There are 23 members in our club and half are meeting which is a good number for any activity.

The Grosbeak was back this morning and Honey Bear got to see them. I did manage to get a picture and will share it soon....These birds are not common in our area so it is rare to see them.

As my friend Fiona would say: Righto, Gotta Go.
Mama Bear


  1. I hate how spyware and adware creep into our computers, too!
    I hope you were able to make your walk to pick up trash today. It's a wet, rainy day for us.

  2. I'm so thankful my kids can advise me on computer issues - I would be totally lost on my own.

    Have fun at your lunch! Hope you don't get rained on at your activity!

  3. I usually phone Kris and tell him the next time he comes home he has to fix my computer. Now he has so many anti-virus and malware programs running I feel a bit safer.

    God bless.

  4. haha... righto.... you gottit!!! heehee...