Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... 
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Outside my window...
60 degrees and partly cloudy
I can see the flowers I planted yesterday,
 a Mocking Bird, A red breasted Grosbeak 
and a Hairy Woodpecker 
are visiting the feeders
A Bible verse I'm sharing...
" Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work
you have been given, and then sink yourself
into that. Don't be impressed with yourself,
 Don't compare yourself to others. 
Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative
best you can with your own life." Galatians 6:4,5
I am thinking...
about the problems I'm having
with my new computer...it is
larger than the one I'm used to and
the keyboard is wider so I end up 
putting my hands in the wrong position...
and it does things I don't ask it to do...
I am thankful...
for days when I can stay home...although
if I could stay home all the time, I would soon
become depressed and need to be around
other people....that we are financially
secure in our retirement....for honey Bear, our 
love and marriage has been blessed...
that we are both healthy..
I am wearing...
 a pink top and pants, socks
I am creating...
tidy draws and shelves
prepped blocks for appliqueing

April's Blocks
I am going...
to stay home today and get some
projects finished
I am wondering...
why it seems that every time I spot
an unusual bird in the yard and 
go to get my camera, the bird is 
gone by the time I return...
I am reading...

Product Details
I really enjoy this author's books
I am hoping...
for sunshine tomorrow...my club is
picking up trash on our adopted section of town
I am learning...
about this new computer
In my garden...
I'm ashamed to say that I've not been
out to the vegetable garden to see what's growing
I know that Honey Bear has planted 
most everything already including Okra
which he is doing this week...we still have Spinach
and it will be too hot for it soon so he will
need to pick it again...
I planted marigolds, Gerber Daisies, Caladiums
and Geraniums yesterday in pots near
the porch and at the pond...
A song that stays on my mind...
Zac Brown songs I uploaded
In my kitchen...
Plenty of food in the refrigerator and pantry
A favorite quote for today...
"So is Life: the very problems you must
overcome also support you and make you stronger in
overcoming them"....George Yeoman Pocock
from Boys in the Boat
a few plans for the week...
Wednesday: plans were to pick up trash, then
have lunch...with rain in the forecast we may just have
lunch....Thursday: Luncheon at church, Friday: Book Club
From my photo album...

One of my favorite things...
Having door open to hear the birds and

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  1. New computers are a blessing but I'm not fond of the learning curve with one. Same with phones these days. It almost always takes a while for it to feel normal.

    I like a balance, too between days at home an days with other people. I enjoy days at home more, but too many and I feel cooped up.

  2. It's about the same temperature here on this Autumn morning... I love your blocks....

  3. I am still learning all the tricks that this computer can do and I have had it for almost 4 years.

    God bless.